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Customer acquisition
: problems & pitfalls

Gaining high-value customers is a challenge that many organizations haven’t cracked. Many brands still resort to “spray and pray” tactics that aren’t just impersonal, but impossible to predict the return of investment (ROI) on. 

 Rising customer acquisition costs (CAC) also pose an issue for organizations, as increasingly savvy consumers become more careful about the products, services, and offers they trust. With so many brands vying for their attention, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise with highly targeted, real-time communications that acknowledge and meet their context-specific needs. 

 To deliver communications that drive value for prospects, brands need to develop a detailed, data-driven view of every individual – even anonymous website visitors. By developing a real-time view of each prospect, such as with our advanced CDP software, brands can launch customer acquisition strategies with more precision from the get-go. 

From anonymous to
acquired: a use case

Our advanced CDP software offers out-of-the-box (OOTB) and customizable customer acquisition use cases that can be adapted according to the needs of your business and sector. At the core of each customer acquisition use case is our software’s Customer DNA™ feature, designed to build a holistic, real-time view of every prospect.  

 Before the customer acquisition process begins, you’ll have already discovered individuals with the highest likelihood to convert with our platform’s in-built lookalike modeling and clustering algorithms. Next, Customer DNA™ unifies everything you know about them, including historic and current data based on their behaviors, interactions, and wider context.   

 It doesn’t matter whether you’re gathering behavioral data from website visitors as they browse product pages, or interaction data from prospects that have been referred by existing customers. At every stage, you’ll be equipped to deliver more informed engagements thanks to our customer acquisition software’s AI-powered propensity and intention scoring system: the Opportunity Index. This identifies the next best experience for every person at every moment, whether it’s a website banner with a relevant discount code or a follow-up email offering a free trial of a prospect’s most-browsed product.   

We offer advanced software solutions to maximize cross-selling opportunities across every journey stage. Learn more about our Customer Journey Solutions and how each stage poses additional opportunities to leverage CDP use cases.

Customer acquisition
success with data-driven software

By aggregating high-quality data from every action and interaction, our CDP software allows brands to launch customer acquisition strategies with laser focus. With our Customer DNA™ and Opportunity Index features, you’ll have an always evolving view of every person that interacts with your brand (and the real-time context from which they’re engaging).  

 At the earliest stages of your relationship, you’ll be able to deliver engagements with more precision to lower CACs and maximize ROI. With smarter decision-making capabilities, our customer acquisition software enables you to determine the who, when, where, and what of every interaction quickly and intuitively. It makes AI-led modeling and decision-making accessible from one user-friendly dashboard, so your marketers never miss an opportunity to convert prospects into customers. 

 Thanks to real-time feedback, you can do more than lay the foundations of a personalized brand-consumer relationship. The next step is to optimize every interaction moving forward and maximize CLTV as a result. 

Customer acquisition software
: features & benefits

Get to know every prospect  

 Create a unified view of every website visitor and prospect, even anonymous ones, with real-time Customer DNA™.  Learn from every action and interaction, both historic and current and from every channel and touchpoint.  

 Target with precision 

 Target prospects with a high propensity to convert with the most effective engagements, delivered at the most impactful time, and via the preferred channel. Make sure that you never miss or waste an opportunity to interact with potential customers. 

 Personalize early engagements  

 Kickstart long-lasting relationships by acquiring customers through personalized interactions that accrue valuable new data. Develop a deeper understanding of customers’ intentions and preferences to optimize every engagement moving forward. 

Data-driven customer acquisition: results

 Reduce CACs 

 Lower customer acquisition costs by delivering highly targeted engagements that entice prospects, such as personalized offers and follow-up communications. Leverage the most relevant data to drive value and build trust without overwhelming customers in a saturated market. 

 Increase ROI 

 Maximize your customer acquisition spend by swapping blasted communications for personalized engagements that increase conversions. Make sure that every engagement is carefully considered to reflect prospects’ needs and your commercial priorities. 

 Boost CLTV 

 Deliver the next best experience from the get-go by learning from prospect and context-specific insights. Make sure that you meet customers’ needs at every stage of their journey to position yourself as their preferred long-term product or service provider.