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Company News August 16, 2018

Upcoming Webinar: Welcome to the New NGDATA

NGDATA’s been busy over the past year building out our vision to help companies modernize and transform their customer relationships. We acquired Eccella, a global...

Thought Leadership August 16, 2018

How Dynamic Customer Optimization Maximizes the Lifetime Value of a Customer (CLV)

Dynamic optimization is a system widely used in development and machine learning. Using variables and predictive analytics, programs are created to aid in a range...

Thought Leadership August 14, 2018

The Ultimate Data Privacy Guide for Banks and Financial Institutions

Data privacy has become a hot topic in the news thanks to failures in security and concerns about how companies are using the personal data...

Thought Leadership August 13, 2018

The Human Element: Big Data Needs the Right People and Culture

It seems everywhere you look these days, you can feel the effect of big data analytics on our culture. From retail operations that offer customers...

Thought Leadership August 9, 2018

The Depths of Data: The Benefits and Challenges of Data Lakes

The data lake has become a major buzzword in the world of big data. Data advocates initially pitched the idea of a data lake as...

Company News August 7, 2018

An NGDATA Guide: 3 Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices to Supercharge Your Brand

Today, the key to retaining customers and outperforming the competition is delivering consistently extraordinary customer experiences. But, outstanding customer experiences are not happy accidents. They...

Tips & Tricks August 6, 2018

50 Must-Have AI Software Tools For Marketers

The impact of marketing can be felt across most digital platforms. Trying to manage all the content spread out over web, social media, and mobile...

Thought Leadership August 2, 2018

Go Further in the Customer Experience with Actionable Intelligence

Traditional data analytics provide historical data that allows companies to examine past trends and sales peaks, and even to try to determine the factors that...

Thought Leadership July 31, 2018

6 Ways Predictive Data Analytics are Reshaping Marketing

Predictive Data Analytics is the process of using historical and current data combined with machine learning to forecast certain outcomes. In the marketing world, predictive...

Company News July 30, 2018

NGDATA Accepted Into G-Cloud 10 Framework

NGDATA has announced that it has been accepted into the latest G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 10, as an official provider of Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology....

Tips & Tricks July 30, 2018

50 Best Software Tools to Become a Better Agile Marketer

As technology continues to advance, there’s no secret that marketers need to fill a lot of different roles these days. From understanding the current economic...

Thought Leadership July 26, 2018

What is Agile Marketing?

The marketing world is abuzz with talk of “agile marketing,” a term borrowed from the software development world that represents the desire to do more...

Thought Leadership July 26, 2018

An NGDATA Guide: 10 Marketing Strategies for Banks and Financial Institutions to Surpass the Competition

Currently, banks are at the crossroads of disruption. Technology companies like Google, PayPal, Apple and Amazon are taking away your business due to the greater...

Thought Leadership July 25, 2018

CMSWire’s Tweet Jam: CDPs and the Promise of Omnichannel Choreography

NGDATA’s Co-Founder and CTO, Steven Noels, participated in CMSWire’s “Tweet Jam: CDPs and the Promise of Omnichannel Choreography.” The topics centered around: Customer data platforms emerged on...

Thought Leadership July 24, 2018

27 Marketing Pros Share the #1 Way Marketers Can Apply Machine Learning to Improve Their Digital Strategies

Machine learning capabilities are increasingly accessible to enterprises and even SMBs. And with marketers aiming to take advantage of the vast volume of data now...

Thought Leadership July 23, 2018

Digital Transformation for a Successful Credit Union Member Experience

Having been in existence since the 1850s, credit unions are no strangers to business transformation. While business transformation is essential for survival, it’s also fundamentally...

Thought Leadership July 19, 2018

How AI is Driving the Future of Financial Services Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most influential factors in countless industries over the past decade. Complex algorithms and intuitive programs have disrupted...

Thought Leadership July 18, 2018

An NGDATA White Paper: Become the Credit Union of the Future, Today

The banking industry is entering a new frontier. Less banking is done in physical branches and interactions through mobile apps are shorter, but happening with...

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