CDP Platform Capabilities

The Features of NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform

We offer full Customer Data Platform functionality, along with more capabilities on top to take your business from simply capturing customer data to driving intelligent customer engagements.

Our Intelligent Engagement Platform stands out from the competition because our capabilities go beyond standard CDP capabilities. That’s because we’re industry specialists who moved up from data science to explainable AI. This is built into the core of our platform, as is the ability to scale with a big data foundation. We’re focused on successful engagements and so confident in our platform’s capabilities we have an engagement-based pricing model.

Build Rich Individual Customer Data Profiles In Real-Time

Customer DNA

Being relevant requires you to understand your customers first. NGDATA’s Customer DNA is at the core of our Intelligent Engagement Platform. It is your data-fueled holistic and real-time perspective on every customer. Customer DNA is built up from metrics providing a full understanding of customer history, context, behavior, preferences, and needs. Meaning your business can drive relevant and more personalized interactions – moving from traditional segmentation to individualized engagements.

With access to an unlimited number of custom metrics, the ability to create custom metrics, and powering every experience to determine the next best action to take based on real-time behavior, our Customer DNA provides a powerful basis for intelligent customer engagement.

Deliver The Best Customer Experience

Next Best Action

Predict and anticipate the wants and needs of your customer. Our Intelligent Engagement Platform combines real-time scoring and decision-making capabilities to determine every individual engagement, resulting in the best possible experience for the customer. The next best action considers a combination of next best offers, previous interactions, historical context, customer journey analytics, and channel preferences to create the next best experience

From calculating propensity & intent of each customer to prioritizing customer engagements based on business priorities such as promotions, specific products or messages, our platform allows you to deliver the best interaction at exactly the right time.

Customer Segments For A More Effective Targeting Strategy

Smart Audiences Segmentation

Smart Audience Segmentation lets you select and engage with audiences through multiple attributes and AI-determined criteria to improve targeting for more relevant and personalized experiences with successful outcomes.

The Intelligent Engagement Platform provides AI capabilities to create audiences based on similarities with other customers, called Look-alike Modeling. Next to that, the platform allows for audience exploration to identify relevant sub-segments, called Clustering

Segmentation For Right Time Engagements

Customer Journey Analytics

Not all customers follow the same steps when going from needing a product to acquiring it. Customer Journey Analytics enables your business to engage with customers with the right content at the right time. This could be related to product and service offers where the customer could be on multiple journeys in parallel, or to the customer lifecycle and buyer readiness stage.

Whether it’s reducing ad waste, activating customers to use their acquired products and services, or retaining customers once a sale has been made, our Intelligent Engagement Platform’s Customer Journey Analytics capability provides the tools you need to keep customers and prospects moving in the right direction.

Achieve Real One-to-One Marketing

Real-time Interaction Management

Real-time Interaction Management (RTIM) supercharges your business’ ability to target customers in a relevant way through both inbound and outbound communications. Our Intelligent Engagement Platform has advanced analytics at the core which develop insights that can be acted on via RTIM, making sure businesses engage at the right time, in the right place, with the correct context.

This allows your business to respond in real-time from any channel or execution system, with the best recommendation for each customer or audience. Meaning you don’t miss out on the right time to connect with customers that have a strong likelihood to convert.

NGDATA Intelligent Engagement Platform
A Business-User-Friendly Interface

User Interface (UI)

All your customer intelligence is at the tip of your fingers with easy and instant access to many metrics for every individual customer. 

Our Intelligent Engagement Platform’s intuitive User Interface makes it easy for business users to operate.  Whilst it retains control over all the data that comes in, you give your marketers the freedom to set-up, manage and monitor their campaign offers and experiences. Intuitive dashboards along with explainable AI supercharges their activity. 

Creating a Single Customer View

Data Integration and Unification

The only true and holistic picture of each customer or prospect is an analytical view combining relevant 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data into a unique, context-aware, real-time Single Customer View (SCV). 

The fundamental purpose of our CDP is to seamlessly connect with your technology ecosystem to integrate and unify data from a wide variety of sources: from channel and CRM applications, to analytics and reporting tools, your data lake and more. This 360-degree view enables your business to cover every angle of customer touchpoints.

Protecting You & Your Customer Data

Data Privacy & Security

Data Privacy and Security is of paramount importance for both your business and customers. We have a robust approach with processes in place to ensure your customer data is protected with first-class data compliance guidance. We do this in accordance with applicable laws across different global territories. And we have an external Data Protection Officer (DPO) on hand for compliance management with several safeguarding measures in place to manage any risk to your customer data.

Why choose NGDATA?



We’re a pure-play platform, with a customer analytics foundation, relying on data to fuel insights. 

Our product is mature, having been in development for a decade and we are constantly improving by adding features and benefits to make our platform best in class.



Our Customer DNA™ doesn’t just segment data, it creates individualized data profiles, with AI-powered capabilities that select audiences and trigger next best action communications via real-time interaction management. And with continuous learning and feedback, customer intelligence is constantly growing in value and sophistication.



Big data is at the foundation of our platform, and so we can ingest and store large data volumes in line with exponential growth. We’ve got a variety of out-of-the-box use cases to replicate and adapt within your business to get you to market faster. Our platform is also flexible and adaptable so you can add programs quickly and easily.



Investing in NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform maximizes customer interactions that result in increased loyalty and revenue for our clients. We are so confident in our platform’s capabilities, that we offer an engagement-based pricing model.

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