See How Telenet Re-Engaged Customers to Reduced Churn by 20%

  • Telenet was able to do real-time ingests of CDRs
  • They could see individual Customer DNA with focus on usage, payment status, claims, helpdesk calls, etc.
  • They could detect trends and trigger alerts to inform call center agents in real time.
  • They could feed marketing actions to stimulate subscription renewal and upselling
  • Because of more precise targeting, Telenet increased their number of campaigns by 400% over three years.
  • Their mobile customer base increased by more than 4x within a few months of its availability.
  • Overall, Telenet was able to be prescriptive on churn and reduced attrition by more than 20%

Telenet is Belgium’s leading provider of broadband cable services. Telenet specializes in the supply of broadband internet, fixed and mobile telephony services and cable television to customers throughout Flanders and Brussels over a powerful HFC (hybrid fiber-coax) network. Telenet also supplies professional communication services to businesses in Belgium and Luxembourg. By providing television, internet and telephony, Telenet wanted to enrich the daily lives of their customers and maximize their customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, they needed to understand their customers needs on an individual-level.

Telenet is known for its impressive marketing efforts in customer segmentation, multi-step campaigning and result measurements. However, Telenet wanted to find ways for improvement, as a relatively large amount of manual interventions were needed. Besides the resulting costs and risks for human errors, this formed a bottleneck for micro-segments and personalized trigger-based campaigns.

Some overall challenges that Telenet faced were:

  • Integrating with a fragmented stack of existing IT solutions.
  • Understanding business logic and customer intelligence.
  • Prioritization of offers based on customer life stages.
  • Unable to gain the appropriate level of insight.


“With the international expertise of NGDATA, our CRM department now exists at the center of all our inbound and outbound customer interactions, sharing real, actionable business intelligence and insights, executing hundreds of targeted campaigns on a yearly basis.” 
— Bert Van Driessche, director of CRM and Consumer Intelligence, Telenet 


Telenet needed to reduce churn propensity and lower broad marketing costs, while improve customer loyalty. NGDATA partnered with Telenet to accomplish the integration of NGDATA’s solution within the different existing IT solutions that Telenet had, having Telenet understand the business logic and customer intelligence behind the solutions, and the prioritization of the different orders that could be proposed to the customer taking into account the customer life stage.

NGDATA enabled Telenet to offer the next best offer or action to their customers, either through sales care channels, or directly towards the customer via the online channel—through outbound, as well as in the inbound, call centers. Telenet could offer customers the next best product, with the ability to adjust the offer to better fit the needs of the individual. NGDATA’s solution provided guidance for the call center advisor to sell the most relevant Telenet product based on the customer, and to show alerts for advisors when special attention was needed.

With NGDATA’s IEP, Telenet is able to build a behavioral pattern about a customer as well as have a clear idea of the product portfolio a customer has. It offers this solution based on the ability to integrate various data sources and automatically link them to individual customers. Using the IEP’s scoring abilities, Telenet can also calculate a score based on entity data. In this case, a scoring table was created that contains all series meta data.

In another project, Telenet used NGDATA’s IEP to inform individual customers that a series they’re watching will soon go out of catalogue. The message would be delivered using email. Several characteristics contributed to the relevancy of this message, which increased the feeling of customer engagement while also delivering a customer-satisfactory message.

A test and control group were set up to be able to measure the impact of this project, meaning that some customers would not receive the message even if they apply to the trigger criteria, for measurement purposes. Based on these measurements, the first results show that 51% of the contacted customers watch the series entirely, in comparison to 32% in the control group. Also, 26% more of the customers that are notified continue to watch the series at a higher pace, allowing them to consume their favorite content before it goes out of catalogue.

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See How Telenet Re-Engaged Customers to Reduced Churn by 20%