Learn How Innogy Reduced Contact Center Calls by 13%

  • Increase of 70% in the conversion of E+ / green products.
  • The house and customer 360 view now gives the agents more comfort in addressing energy saving products.
  • The agents want to add more data sources in order to be even more relevant for the customer.
  • Personalized videos reduced calls by 49% for customers who viewed the video, directly impacting contact center costs.
  • There was an overall call reduction of 13%.
  • With the statistical model, there was a lift of 5.6 in predicting the callers.

Innogy is Germany’s leading energy company, with revenue of around €44 billion, more than 40,000 employees and activities in 16 countries across Europe. With its three business segments Grid & Infrastructure, Retail and Renewables, Innogy addresses the requirements of a modern, decarbonized, decentralized and digital energy world.

Innogy wanted to fulfill the role as connector between generating and consuming energy. This enables each customer to participate in the transformation of the energy industry. Moreover, they focus on green energy, sustainable solutions, such as solar panels in cooperation with service partners and the usage of smart devices in combination with data-driven services. They want to renew their approach by becoming more customer-focused.

Innogy’s contact center agents lacked a global overview on the client and house specifics, which lowered the quality of their commercial conversations. The next best offer was not generalized over different channels, which was confusing and frustrating for clients. Innogy also receives a large number of customer calls with questions on their invoices. Treating these calls is time and cost intensive, so the company was looking for a way to reduce the number of received calls and as such decrease the cost and load on their call center.

A main goal was to predict and pre-empt callers most likely to phone-in with appropriate information and offers. Data was stored in different systems, making it difficult for Innogy to get a clear view on an individual’s overall behavior. Innogy needed to act proactively, control the costs and plan the contact center load more effectively. It was difficult to know how new customers would react to their first invoices due to little history in data. Decisions were often made by ‘gut feeling’ rather than being data-driven.


NGDATA partnered with Innogy to implement NGDATA’s IEP for an integral and real-time 360 view of all relevant customer information. These insights were key to increasing the commercial capabilities of contact center agents by providing customers with more relevant and personalized advice, and to effectively meet customer needs. The Customer DNA was created from data stored across different systems (CRM – contract, billing, usage, etc., and contact interactions from inbound and outbound activities – call center, mail, website, etc.).

Once the Customer DNA was in place, NGDATA created a model to enable Innogy to predict which customers were most likely to call about invoices and the reasons why. The ones most likely to inquire received a personalized video, with information about their current status of usage, which would reflect on their next invoice. Results of views were also fed back into the system for further insights.

The added value was measured by qualitative and quantitative KPIs, such as customer satisfaction, efficiency, conversion, agent handling, cross- and upsell of contracts, and the sale of energy saving products (e.g. solar panels). The solution contained three fundamental building blocks compiled in three separate use cases: Develop customer and house 360 DNA to gain valuable insights resulting in improved advice, Improve commercial power through multi-channel NBO (next best offer), Optimize recognition from unknown to prospect and customer integration with DMP).

The solution is currently being used by contact center agents, mainly doing inbound customer calls. There are 1.6 million active clients in the solution. All data flows into the NGDATA IEP through a data lake set up by Innogy IT (in Germany).

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