Mission control for the empowered marketer

The NGDATA cockpit turns your data into beautiful, smart data: result driven data, managed and monitored by you – ready to go into your sales funnel or straight through to close.

Our promise to our customers and business partners is:
Big data made small and beautiful

Our solutions enable you to immediately get value out of your data.

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Unburden your marketers, make them citizen developers

  • Provide them with a robust platform:Allow the marketer to discover and make use of relevant customer insights from any data source with integrity
  • Put them in the cockpit:Let them create, run and monitor campaigns at scale, tailored to the individual
  • Empower them:Unlock their capabilities to engage with customers and build meaningful relationships

Today we can offer true self-service for the users closest to your end-customers, in a user-friendly way.

The citizen developer explained

Deliver the right offers to the right people, at the right time.

A single platform to unify customer intelligence and engage in real-time. The Intelligent Engagement Platform (IEP) reveals emerging opportunities in your customer data while orchestrating relevant experiences.
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More Than Just Software, We Deliver a Complete Digital Transformation Solution.

With experts you trust, NGDATA helps brands accelerate digital transformation through proven customer engagement best practices across industries coupled with our suite of enterprise technologies. All delivered end-to-end through a global professional services team.
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