NGDATA launches partner programme to bring data-driven insight to a range of new industries

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Accelerate digital transformation with our intelligent engagement platform & solutions

  • 65%
    Increased Targeting Precision
  • 5X
    Better Conversions
  • 16%
    Reduced Churn
  • 15+
    Boost in Net Promotor Score

AI-Powered Customer Intelligence & Engagement Made Simple for Smart Marketers

Drive the most profitable customer interactions and better campaign efficiency by automatically generating relevant, real-time customer insights for personalized and dynamically curated experiences.
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Deliver Hyper Relevant Recommendations in Real-Time

People make decisions fast. Digital marketing today has to be faster. Our platform learns from real-time customer interaction data so you can deliver campaigns that react to split-second changes in consumer behavior.

More Than Just Software, We Deliver a Complete Digital Transformation Solution

With experts you trust, NGDATA helps brands accelerate digital transformation through proven customer engagement best practices across industries coupled with our suite of enterprise technologies. All delivered end-to-end through a global professional services team.
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We are thrilled to work with NGDATA to accelerate our digital transformation and develop best-in-class customer insights to drive our business.

Geert Van Mol

Chief Digital Officer

Grow, Engage and Monetize Your Customers

The NGDATA Intelligent Engagement Platform reveals emerging opportunities in your customer data while enabling the orchestration of hyper relevant experiences.


Grow your customer base by delivering all the experiences todays savvy consumer has come to expect.


Engage customers across all channels, with the right personalized experience, at the right time, every time.


Monetize customers like never before with predictive recommendations and personalized offers that truly convert.

A Single Platform to Unify Customer Intelligence and Engage in Real-Time

Unify Your Customer Data

The best customer data is all your customer data. Identify, combine and manage all internal & external sources of customer data.

Build Holistic Profiles

Maintain holistic, real-time, real-people, customer profiles so every interaction is personal and context aware.

Discover Customer Insights

Deliver better, faster and more precise customer experiences with advanced analytical models for predicting and optimizing outcomes.

Adapt Audiences in Real-Time

Build target audiences based on any combination of 1000+ industry-specific DNA metrics, while continuously adapting audiences to ever-changing dynamics.

Curate Dynamic Customer Journeys

Map unique experiences to stages in the customer journey so you can onboard, upsell, and cross-sell smarter with meaningful, context-aware 1:1 interactions.

Predict With Precision

Operationalize data models by training formulas against a fully integrated ecosystem of living customer data so you can deliver better and more precise predicted real-time experiences.

Deliver Relevant Recommendations

Anticipate customer needs by analyzing interactions and behavior in real-time to deliver relevant recommendations that truly convert.

Personalize Everything

Increase campaign conversions & profitability by delivering the most engaging personalized message with every experience and over customers' preferred channels.

Engage Customers Anywhere

Boost the effectiveness of channel & execution systems with continuous learning and feedback loops across a fully integrated omni-channel environment.

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