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Data-Driven Marketing: It’s All About the Individual

Traditional marketing endeavors involve segmentation – you create marketing programs by segmenting customers collectively, mainly through static information, such as age range, zip code, etc. But, do all the people in the same age range and zip code have the same wants and needs? Do they have the same income, product affinities and communication preferences? Do they all want to interact with you about the same topic, at the same time and through the same channel? Definitely not.

For true customer centricity, you need to know everything you can about your customers to really put them front and center. Your most impactful, data-driven marketing programs will happen when you see your customers as individuals and not as segments. It’s not enough to think that if you know a couple of customers from a socio-demographic perspective, that they will be templates for others. We are all individuals, and we all interact individually with the companies we do business with.

To understand which offers are relevant and will appeal to each customer, and how and when those offers should be made, you need ongoing access to customer data and automated processes to address each customer at the individual-level. The more you can understand the customer as an individual, the greater your ability will be to support relevancy – knowing which messages and offers to deliver at the appropriate time and place to be the most meaningful to that individual customer.

With the right AI-powered CDP in place, you can compile dynamic customer profiles based off of metric similarities – beginning with socio-demo information, but more importantly, adding on powerful contextual and behavioral data – to ensure the most precise targeting. Focusing on the individual consumer, rather than mass marketing, will allow you to concentrate on their singular needs; you’ll be able to preemptively address their issues any time they want to interact with you. Having rich, continuously available customer profiles will allow you to know how best to connect with your customers – on their terms, on their preferred channel, with the incentive best suited to their individual needs.

Do you have the right technology in place to engage at the individual customer-level?

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