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What is One-to-One Marketing?

One-to-one marketing is a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy that centers on personalized customer interactions. The method is based on the marketing practices concept that personalization breeds customer loyalty and better return on investment. One-to-one marketing is reminiscent of the mom-and-pop shops when small business owners knew customers’ individual affinities and were better equipped to provide exceptional customer service. One-to-one marketing puts the customer first, even when customers interact with large companies and enterprises. Companies that adopt personalization see results, as personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%, and customized campaigns consistently outperform static campaigns in terms of generating high response rates from recipients.

The Challenge of One-to-One Marketing

The challenge with one-to-one marketing is that large companies and enterprises handle millions of customers and rarely deal with them face-to-face, thanks to social media and mobile devices. Consumers read and trust online reviews written by strangers, utilize self-service customer help, and complete transactions online in seconds. Yet, customers have high expectations of the businesses they deal with because they know they can access their data every time they interact with them.

74% of online consumers become frustrated with websites containing offers, ads, and promotions that do not concern their interests. Companies and enterprises need to collect insights from every channel and customer interaction to gain the complete view of the customer necessary for successful one-to-one marketing. NGDATA’s AI-powered decisioning engine is the customer experience management platform that solves your one-to-one marketing challenges.

Challenges Companies Face with One-to-One Marketing

While companies know the value of personalization, many still need to perfect one-to-one marketing. As senior and strategic editor Giselle Abramovich reports, only 39% of retailers send personalized product recommendations via email, and nearly 33% report needing more capability to support personalization efforts. 40% of companies report that their biggest challenge with personalization is gaining insight quickly enough, while 39% point to needing more data and 38% point to have inaccurate data.

One necessity for successful one-to-one marketing efforts is a single customer view, yet Abramovich found that companies report three main challenges in achieving this view:

  • 40% of companies have an inability to link different technologies.
  • 34% have issues with poor data quality.
  • 32% cite a lack of relevant technology.

NGDATA’s Enables 1:1 Marketing with Ease

The NGDATA Intelligent Engagement Platform is the customer experience management solution that enables you to deliver the timely, relevant, contextually-aware, personalized offers and experiences that customers demand. The NGDATA platform finds insights and executes them while bridging the gap between business and data.

NGDATA empowers enterprises to operationalize data analytics with its real-time, analytics-based processes that improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention and loyalty. The NGDATA platform does so by aggregating your data from all data sources and then turning it into key metrics that deliver detailed information about each one of your customers. These metrics include socio-demographics, risk, life events, contextual, preference, and behavioral intelligence. These metrics are calculated in real-time and maintain historical values at all times, giving you access to the complete customer view at any time.

Take Advantage of Customer Data for Your One-to-One Marketing Efforts

NGDATA’s platform puts the customer at the heart of your operations. The NGDATA Intelligent Engagement Platform consists of a configurable and scalable library of thousands of pre-defined and client-specific metrics that describe each of your customers in real-time. The highly-detailed view of your customers includes data from multiple sources, which gives you new insights based on a combination of customer analytics. The result is your ability to use next-best-action and next-best-offer recommendations, detect each customer’s channel preferences, and build complete omni-channel customer profiles. Thanks to NGDATA, you can engage with customers at every step of the customer journey.

Companies and enterprises can only conduct one-to-one marketing with a customer experience management solution like NGDATA. Only NGDATA delivers real-time, complete customer view and detailed customer metrics. You will feel as though you know each of your customers. You will be able to meet their needs and expectations while delighting them with the truly personalized experience that only NGDATA can deliver.

NGDATA’s AI-Powered Decisioning Engine offers a complete, 360-degree view of every customer to fuel customer-centric marketing initiatives. Contact an NGDATA representative to learn how NGDATA can drive one-to-one marketing for your organization.