Well-Being Program Engagement

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Features and benefits

Incentivize usage​

When customers decide to join the wellness program and start signing up for selected activities, incentivize its usage. Offer rewards for meeting challenge milestones and encourage completion by offering discounts related to the challenge. ​

Relevant experiences through feedback ​

Use what is learned from a customer’s previous interactions to ensure that the next and subsequent experiences feel more personal than the last: relevant recommended lifestyle activities, tailored offers, and experiences crafted at an individual level. ​

Increase program adoption ​

Consistently pique customer interest and encourage continuous engagement by crafting a user-focused personalized program rather than generic, where offers are adapted to the customer’s changing personal goals and needs. ​

Journey Objectives
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Problem Statement​

Well-being programs allow insurance companies to build intimate relationships with existing policyholders by encouraging them to lead a rewarding journey towards a healthier lifestyle. At the same time, it is a proactive way to mitigate customer health risks, which can help lower the overall claims costs for the insurer. However, a properly designed well-being program is a long-term strategy; it goes beyond just getting the customer onboard the program and continuously engaging and participating in the activities. You can do this by ensuring they only receive offers in line with their needs and interests at that specific point in time. ​


Use Case Overview ​

The NGDATA IEP can create an extraordinary well-being journey for the policyholders through always-on contextual engagement with offers delivered promptly. To ensure that the customers continually engage with the program, the next best experience should be relevant to the customers’ interests, preferences, and previous behavior. ​

Solution Approach ​

Using our propensity models and journey approach, we push the right offers to the individual customer at the right time. Using look-alike modeling, you can launch an acquisition campaign to target existing policyholders who will most likely benefit from the program. Once they sign up, they are guided throughout a customer wellness journey where the IEP continually listens to the customers’ activity patterns to notice their changing preferences before triggering personalized experiences that encourage further engagement. ​

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