Detect and Mitigate Home Connectivity Issues

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Features and benefits

Detect network issues through the ‘Device DNA’​

The system automatically monitors each interaction made by the modem or router to detect network issues, such as several unsuccessful connection attempts within the last two weeks, or a high ratio of bad connections to the total number could indicate a network problem within a household.​​

Create a frictionless customer experience​

NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform (IEP) gives a full view of each device, household, and customer – All the customers’ interactions with your brand are tracked, and powerful insights are derived from each conversation. This saves your customers the frustration of having to re-explain the issues they have faced in the past, and it gives your customer service agents time to focus on what matters to your customers right now. ​​

Intervention at the right time​

For cases requiring a customer service agent to reach out to the customer directly, the IEP’s insights about a customer’s ‘most preferred time of day to be contacted’ could help the agent intervene at the right time, which could boost the customer’s experience.

Journey Objectives
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Problem Statement​

Many people consider telecommunication services an essential commodity, especially in today’s digital age. As commercial and social activities have shifted towards online, it, even more, has become a crucial service, causing customers to rely heavily on mobile and internet services. The inability of telco companies to provide a smooth and frictionless experience can cause customer dissatisfaction, eventually leading to customer churn and contract cancellations.​

Use Case Overview​

According to a 2020 study, 37% of customers feel like the ‘wait is always too long’ for their issues to be resolved by their telco providers, and 51% has had to explain their issue(s) multiple times to the same provider (i.e., ‘unnecessarily repeat information’). Such negative customer experiences can be averted by proactively detecting network problems the customer might have and communicating this to the customer right away to provide a prompt resolution before nuisances become apparent. ​

Solution Approach​

Three key and interrelated components make this use case successful: Device DNA → Household DNA → Customer DNA. With Device DNA, interactions logged through the modem or router, specifically the connection attempts made by any device within the household, are analyzed to detect any network problem. In case of any anomaly, an alert is sent to the linked Household DNA. Subsequently, the system sends an experience for the best offer resolution to the customer. Here, we make use of Customer DNA to identify the ‘owner’ of the household as indicated in the plan details. All of this combined with the household or customer’s churn score also influences the experiences sent and the approach used to resolve the issue.

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