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Best Business Intelligence Blogs: The 53 Top Blogs, Articles and BI News Sites You Should Be Reading Each Day

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is imperative for executives to have the insight and data they need in order to make the right calls at the right time. Business Intelligence is the key to making those correct decisions, as it joins data, technology, analytics, and knowledge to help business professionals make the optimal decisions that drive their enterprise’s success. Typically, BI also includes an enterprise data warehouse and a BI platform or tool set to aid those executives in transforming the data into actionable information.

But, there also is an element to business intelligence that is not solely found in technology on a computer: the human element. Business intelligence experts, consultants, and insiders have the knowledge it takes to turn the data into results, and they often share their intel in articles and blog posts.

We know that business professionals often are far too busy to search the web for the best business intelligence blogs, articles and news sites, so we have taken the time to do it for you. To make the list, the blogs must be up-to-date with the latest information, articles, news and trends on business intelligence, and must publish content written by BI experts who have a great deal of experience. After scouring the far corners of the web, we’ve identified 50+ Business Intelligence blogs offering relevant, timely insights and perspectives from leading experts and thought leaders in the space. Note: The following blogs aren’t rated or ranked in order of quality or importance; rather, they represent 53 of the most valuable BI blogs on the web. 

1. Domosphere

Domo business intelligence blog

Domo delivers its Business Intelligence through a management platform delivered as a SaaS solution to help managers and executives run their businesses differently. Their blog, Domosphere, follows suit by offering creative posts and features Business Intelligence articles, news, insights, and discussion from their “very own Domosapiens.”

Three posts we like from Domosphere:

2. Upstream Info

Upstream business intelligence articles

Augusto Aldeghi, the man behind Upstream Info, has more than 15 years of experience in BI and data warehousing. His passion for BI is clear in his blog, which offers insightful posts about BI approximately once a month.

Three posts we like from Upstream Info:

3. Better Buys BI Blog

Better Buys BI Blog

Better Buys offers a range of content, resources, and reviews to help you make better software purchasing decisions. The Better Buys BI Blog is a robust resource on business intelligence, covering analyst reports, BI predictions, trends, tips, and more to help you get the most from your BI tools.

Three posts we like from Better Buys BI Blog: 

4. Meta Analysis

Meta Analysis bI blog

Meta Analysis, the blog of consultant, speaker, and writer Meta S. Brown, promotes the use of business analytics. Meta Analysis covers several categories related to Business Intelligence, including big data, data mining, communication, and management, among others, and several of her posts link to articles she has published on other sites.

Three posts we like from Meta Analysis:

5. SmartData Collective

SmartData Collective business intelligence news

SmartData Collective is an online community that provides enterprise leaders access to the latest Business Intelligence news. As a “platform for recognized, global experts to share their insights through peer contributions, custom content publishing and alignment with with industry leaders,” SmartData Collective seeks to provide executives with the resources they need to make informed business and data management decisions.

Three posts we like from SmartData Collective:

6. CMSWire


CMSWire boasts an audience of digital marketers, collaboration experts, and information managers because its posts center on customer experience management, digital marketing, social business, and enterprise information management. CMSWire also offers Business Intelligence News & Analysis content, making it a robust site for anyone looking for BI news, insights, and solutions.

Posts we like from CMSWire:

7. The Data Doghouse

The Data Doghouse

The Data Doghouse is the blog of Rick Sherman, who consults and trains in Business Intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing and integration. An industry analyst and author, Sherman shares his observations and insights on business and technology performance management, data warehousing, and Business Intelligence in his regular Data Doghouse posts.

Three posts we like from The Data Doghouse:

8. IT Business Edge

IT Business Edge

A well-known, premium B2B Technology brand, IT Business Edge is part of the QuinStreet Enterprise. IT Business Edge seeks to help executives make strategic decisions by providing articles and resources from leading industry experts in Business Intelligence.

Three posts we like from IT Business Edge:



DATAVERSITY offers rescues for IT professionals, executives, and business managers on data uses and management. DATAVERSITY offers a wealth of useful resources, including the blog, that features posts written by leading experts and consultants in the Business Intelligence field.

Three posts we like from DATAVERSITY:

10. Network World Big Data/Business Intelligence

Network World Big Data:Business Intelligence

Network World provides information, intelligence, and insight for network and IT executives. The Big Data/Business Intelligence section of the site specifically focuses on the news, trends, and opinions related to Big Data and Business Intelligence, making it an invaluable tool for executives and other members of the field who need the latest Business Intelligence information and resources.

Three posts we like from Big Data/Business Intelligence:

11. IT World Business Intelligence

IT World Business Intelligence

IT World is known for its technology news, reviews, and how-tos. The Business Intelligence information covers the latest trends and developments for industry professionals who need to stay up to date with BI.

Three posts we like from IT World Business Intelligence:

12. Laurie McCabe

Laurie McCabe

Laurie McCabe’s blog shares her more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and her latest role as co-founder and partner at SMB Group. McCabe’s expertise lies in the small and medium business market, and her blog posts make use of her expertise as she shares insights and solutions regarding Business Intelligence for readers.

Three posts we like from Laurie McCabe:

13. Business Analytics News by Marcus Borba

Business Analytics News by Marcus Borba

Marcus Borba offers his expertise, comments, and opinions on big data, analytics, performance management, and Business Intelligence in his blog. Specifically, his Business Intelligence posts focus on the topics of big data and data warehousing and provide insight for anyone involved with Business Intelligence.

Three posts we like from Business Analytics News by Marcus Borba:



Focusing on all aspects of Business Intelligence, BeyeNETWORK provides industry coverage and resources from a wide range of contributors. Because the site features a bevy of BI experts, analysts, and consultants, it is invaluable resource for those seeking BI insights and solutions.

Three posts we like from BeyeNETWORK:

15. Hub Designs Magazine

Hub Designs Magazine

Hub Designs Magazine includes analyst briefings and conference reports, plus insight and analysis, into master data management and data governance. With a format very similar to that of a blog, Hub Designs Magazine includes articles that cover topics of importance to the Business Intelligence community, including data management, strategies, and business best practices.

Three posts we like from Hub Designs Magazine:

16. OCDQ Blog


Jim Harris uses the Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality (OCDQ) Blog to write vendor-neutral perspectives about data quality, data governance, master data management, and Business Intelligence. Harris offers fair, insightful posts with his more than 20 years of enterprise data management experience behind them.

Three posts we like from OCDQ Blog:

17. TDWI


As a top source for data warehousing, analytics, and Business Intelligence, The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) is a comprehensive industry resource, offering education, training, certification, news, and research for executives and IT professionals. TDWI’s Business Intelligence blog posts provide solutions and news on all things Business Intelligence related from a long list of BI insiders and experts.

Posts we like from TDWI:



The Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Management of Data (ACM SIGMOD) “is concerned with the principles, techniques and applications of database management systems and data management technology.” Its blog posts share the latest trends, information, and topics related to Business Intelligence.

Three posts we like from ACM SIGMOD Blog:

19. Decision Support Systems Resources

Decision Support Systems Resources

Decision Support Systems Resources strives to “help people who are interested in learning about how to use information technologies and software to improve decision making.” DSSResources is edited by Dan Power, professor, consultant, trainer, and blogger at the Business Intelligence Network. The DSSR newsletters, Decision Support News, contain articles geared toward the Business Intelligence community.

Three articles we like from Decision Support Systems Resources:

20. Boulder BI Brain Trust 

Boulder BI Brain Trust

Founded in 2006 by Claudia Imhoff, the Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust (BBBT) focuses on leveraging Business Intelligence for its vendors, which include independent analysts and experts. BBBT features an abundance of Business Intelligence resources, ranging from videos and podcasts to books, publications, and of course, the BBBT Blog, which offers broad and in-depth coverage of Business Intelligence as it relates to marketing, technology, software, and more.

Three posts we like from BBBT:

Art of Business Intelligence Blog

Targeted to readers wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the complex field of Business Intelligence and all things surrounding the perspective of information technology, the Art of Business Intelligence Blog is “the brainchild of Christian Screen, a Business Intelligence evangelist with a wealth of experience in technologies ranging from low-level programming, e-commerce, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Performance Management, and of course, Business Intelligence.” Screen brings a plethora of experiences, rich information, deep insights, and perspectives surrounding Business Intelligence through his blog, videos, and a podcast, as well.

Three posts we like from Art of Business Intelligence Blog:

22. Einsights

Einsights enables businesses to get more value from their data by simplifying the query process. Instead of a complex, manual calculation, with Einsights, you can simply ask questions. The Einsights blog follows suit, as it is just as user-friendly and full of solutions and insights for all areas of Business Intelligence.
Three posts we like from Einsights:

23. Timo Elliott

Timo Elliott
An Innovation Evangelist from a leading technology company, Timo Elliott is the man behind Timo Elliott’s blog, which represents his personal opinions and not those of his employer. The blog offers myriad rich perspectives on Business Intelligence and related topics.
Three posts we like from Timo Elliott:


James Taylor, CEO and a Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions, is a leading expert in the use of business technology and analytic technology to build Decision Management Systems. He’s authored multiple books on the subject and shares his experienced perspectives on a multitude of Business Intelligence-related subjects at JT on EDM (James Taylor on Everything Decision Management).

Three posts we like from JT on EDM: 

25. Ventana Research

Ventana Research

A leading benchmark research and advisory firm, Ventana Research provides guidance for organizations wanting to better manage and optimize performance. The Ventana Research blog features in-depth insights on Business Intelligence and Big Data from the perspective of the company’s analysts and executives.

Three posts we like from Ventana Research: 

26. Visual Business Intelligence

Visual Business Intelligence

Stephen Few started blogging at Visual Business Intelligence back in January 2006. Few founded Perceptual Edge in 2003 and has more than three decades of experience as an innovator, consultant, and educator in the Business Intelligence and information design fields. Few brings his vast experiences to the table with Visual Business Intelligence, a blog focused on Big Data, Business Intelligence, learning, technology, and tools and techniques for making sense of the plethora of data that now exists in the modern business climate.

Three posts we like from Visual Business Intelligence: 

27. TIBCO Spotfire’s Trends and Outliers Blog

TIBCO Spotfire's Trends and Outliers Blog

From advanced analytics to Big Data, data visualization, technology, consumer insights, and more, TIBCO Spotfire’s Trends and Outliers Blog is an excellent resource for gaining insights into the world of Business Intelligence. TIBCO Spotfire, a global leader in infrastructure and Business Intelligence software, offers news and insights on Business Intelligence as within the context of the cloud, mobile, technology, financial services, and other sectors.

Three posts we like from TIBCO Spotfire’s Trends and Outliers Blog: 

28. Phocas


Phocas is a Business Intelligence solution used by companies spanning a multitude of industries around the globe. The Phocas blog covers everything from Business Intelligence analysis to data discovery, forecasting, data visualization, and industry-specific content focused in areas such as sales or retail, in addition to mobile and other verticals. In short, it’s a varied-yet-comprehensive resource for all things Business Intelligence.

Three posts we like from Phocas:

29. Forrester – Business Intelligence


Forrester Research is a leading technology research firm delivering high-quality, research-based resources. The company provides ample resources via blogs, white papers, research analysis, and more, with content from the company’s experienced analysts. The Business Intelligence blog at Forrester is a robust collection of perspectives from experienced professionals such as Boris Evelson, Martha Bennett, Holger Kisker, and other analysts with in-depth insights on Business Intelligence and related areas of expertise.

Three posts we like from Forrester – Business Intelligence: 

30. DBMS2


Curt Monash, author of DBMS2, has been following the database and analytics technologies industries. He started the blog as a channel for those interested in these technologies to keep up with emerging trends and happenings in the fields that are re-shaping the world of business and the consumer experience alike. In addition to content authored by Monash, DBMS2 also features insights and commentary from an array of industry participants and executives.

Three posts we like from DBMS2: 

31. Data Virtualization Leadership Blog


The Data Virtualization Leadership Blog “provides a unique forum where organizations can learn, explore and discuss diverse data virtualization topics ranging from high-end strategy and architecture to more detailed lessons learned, tips and techniques.” With six regularly-updated tracks, covering things like implementation best practices, business value and data virtualization, and market trends, there’s plenty of information relevant to Business Intelligence and professionals in the field.

Three posts we like from Data Virtualization Leadership Blog: 

32. Merv Adrian’s IT Market Strategy

Merv Adrian's IT Market Strategy

Merv Adrian is a Vice President at Gartner, on the Data Management and Integration team. While he closed his company, IT Market Strategy, in 2011 just prior to joining Gartner, he continues to maintain his blog at Merv Adrian’s IT Market Strategy, offering insights and expertise based on his decades of experience working for leading companies in the IT industry. Many of his recent posts also appear on his blog at Gartner.

Three posts we like from Merv Adrian’s IT Market Strategy: 

33. R-Bloggers


“R” is a language and open-source software used as a standard by statisticians in the development of statistical software. R-Bloggers focuses on tutorials and tips for using R to create effective and efficient applications for use in Business Intelligence and other solutions.

Three posts we like from R-Bloggers: 

34. Information Management – Business Intelligence

Information Management - Business Intelligence

Information Management is a leading industry resource on all things IT, knowledge, data, and information, offering a robust section dedicated exclusively to Business Intelligence. For insights on improving decision-making processes in environments that provide timely, valuable data and reporting from major industry players and analysts, Information Management – Business Intelligence is a must-read blog.

Posts we like from Information Management – Business Intelligence: 

35. Predictive Analytics Today


The web’s most comprehensive review and analysis on Predictive Analytics, Predictive Analytics Today is a must-read for any professional or company whose work is influenced by Predictive Analytics or Business Intelligence. With software reviews, detailed tutorials, news, events, and interviews, Predictive Analytics today keeps readers on-par with the latest news and developments in the industry.

Three posts we like from Predictive Analytics Today: 


36. PARIS Technologies 

PARIS Technologies

The PARIS Technologies blog features information, insights, and commentary on Business Intelligence, data analysis, management, and more, including both strategies and best practices alongside news and updates regarding PARIS Technologies’ products.

Three posts we like from PARIS Technologies: 

37. TechTarget – Search Business Analytics

TechTarget - Search Business Analytics

TechTarget is a leading digital publication covering all things technology, but its Search Business Analytics section is a robust offering of Business Intelligence, Big Data, analytics, corporate performance management strategy, and related topics. You’ll find insights on using data to drive decision-making, developments in the industry related to the use of technology for data discovery and analytics, vendor-neutral insights on software and data analytics tools, and much more delivered through articles, audio, video, and other formats.

Three posts we like from TechTarget – Search Business Analytics: 

38. Gigaom’s Data Channel

Gigaom's Data Channel

“The leading global voice on emerging technologies,” Gigaom offers a broad range of content spanning the full spectrum of technology. Specifically, Gigaom’s Data Channel offers a variety of insights on data as it impacts myriad fields and verticals, such as mobile, internet, enterprise IT, cloud computing, and more. You’ll find plenty of coverage of Business Intelligence-related subject matter here, from Hadoop to Big Data, cloud computing, machine learning, and a number of other areas of interest.

Three posts we like from Gigaom’s Data Channel: 

39. InsideBIGDATA


Founded in 2011, this news outlet is a valuable resource for any business, from SMBs to the world’s leading enterprises, wanting to stay in the know about Big Data and its impacts on the business world.

Three posts we like from insideBIGDATA: 

40. Goodman on BI

Goodman on BI

Nicholas Goodman is a self-proclaimed “Business Intelligence and Open Source geek,” blogging about lean startups, A/B testing, company developments in the Business Intelligence industry, and more. With tons of technical tutorials, this blog is an excellent resource for any working data professional who wants to hone his skills with various software technologies, as well as those who simply want to stay on top of the latest industry developments.

Three posts we like from Goodman on BI: 

41. BlogNotions Business Intelligence Blog

BlogNotions Business Intelligence Blog

BlogNotions, a service of NetLine Corporation, brings together thought leaders in niche industries to provide insights and information on industries and concepts such as content marketing and Business Intelligence. The BlogNotions Business Intelligence Blog features content from Logi Analytics, Ken Chow, Steve Miller, Andy Graham, and other experts totaling one dozen leading industry experts who keep you up to date on Business Intelligence advancements, tips, and best practices, perspectives on industry changes, and other useful information.

42. Gmid Associates

Gmid Associates

A leading data analytics company based in India, Gmid Associates serves clients around the world, helping them “unlock the full potential of their business data.” The Gmid Associates blog features useful insights and essential information on topics such as customer segmentation, predictive analytics, business analytics, and analytics topics for specific industry segments.

Three posts we like from Gmid Associates: 

43. Jen Underwood

Jen Underwood

Microsoft Sr. Program Manager of Business Intelligence & Analytics with a variety of key roles and accomplishments under her belt with leading technology companies, Jen Underwood is well-versed in all things data. Her blog features a plethora of tutorials, insights, tips, and resources on Business Intelligence, ranging from industry perspectives to prescriptive analytics, data discovery, artificial intelligence, mobile BI, and much more.

Three posts we like from Jen Underwood: 

44. Illuminate Blog

Illuminate Blog

A Blacklight Solutions blog, the Illuminate Blog is an information portal designed to keep readers up-to-date with all things new and exciting in the world of advanced analytics. Founded in 2009, Blacklight helps businesses make better decisions by putting their data to work in meaningful ways. The Illuminate Blog covers industry news, offers coverage of conferences and events, and information and advice on optimizing data to drive decision-making.

Three posts we like from Illuminate Blog:

45. Business Intelligence by Howard Dresner


Howard Dresner is an industry recognized expert, widely recognized author and thought leader for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management. He blogs about all the latest advancements in Business Intelligence, implications for business and marketing, and the nuances in the fields of data, analytics, BI and EPM.

Three posts we like from Business Intelligence by Howard Dresner: 

46. The Brussels Data Science Community



The fastest-growing community of data scientists in Europe, The Brussels Data Science Community is a European knowledge hub for all things Big Data and data science. The community organizes events, shares knowledge, and conducts training to bridge the gap between academics and business through the value of analytics.

Three posts we like from The Brussels Data Science Community: 

47. Tom’s IT Pro

Tom's IT Pro

Tom’s IT Pro is a resource on real-world business computing, encompassing topics such as analytics, data warehousing, cloud computing, data analysis, Hadoop, virtualization, and everything else you can imagine related to business, technology, and data. The Business Intelligence section is packed with valuable information on software products, tips on implementing systems and best practices in Business Intelligence, predictive solutions, and general information to help readers make sense of the complex and ever-changing world of BI and Big Data.

Three posts we like from Tom’s IT Pro: 

48. Peter James Thomas

Peter James Thomas

Peter James Thomas is an “expert in the Data to Information to Insight to Action journey” who shares his thoughts on the connections between business, technology, and change in his self-titled business intelligence blog. The majority of Peter’s posts center on BI and cover topics including but not limited to business analytics, data visualization, data warehousing, enterprise performance management, and management information.

Three posts we like from Peter James Thomas:

49. Network World Big Data/Business Intelligence Blog

Network World Big Data Business Intelligence Blog

Network World is the premier provider of news, intelligence, and insight for network and IT executives. Their Big Data/Business Intelligence blog shares the latest news, trend analysis, and opinion and includes articles written by some of the leading thinkers in the industry.

Three posts we like from Network World Big Data/Business Intelligence Blog:

50. – Business Intelligence

Businesscom Business Intelligence shares the knowledge, products, and services SMBs need to run and grow their businesses. Their business intelligence blog posts cover BI software, strategies for small businesses to afford BI on a tight budget, and strategies for optimizing business intelligence.

Three posts we like from – Business Intelligence:

51. – Business Intelligence

CIOcom delivers the latest news, analysis, video, blogs, tips, and research for tech lovers and IT professionals. With more than 45,100 posts relating to business intelligence, is one of the most comprehensive BI resources available on the internet today.

Three posts we like from – Business Intelligence:

52. Baseline – Analytics/Big Data

Baseline Analytics Big Data

Baseline is all about “driving business success with technology.” Their posts cover analytics and Big Data, CRM, the cloud, IT management, mobility, and many other topics relating to business intelligence. We especially like their analytics and Big Data posts.

Three posts we like from Baseline – Analytics/Big Data:

53. In(tegrate) the Clouds

In tegrate the Clouds BI news

Darren Cunningham is the brains behind In(tegrate) the Clouds. His interests focus on analytics, integration, innovation, big data, and the cloud, and his fairly regular posts share his insights on these topics and their relation to Business Intelligence.

Three posts we like from In(tegrate) the Clouds:


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