An Intelligent Engagement Platform To Boost Your Customer Connections

See how as a telecommunications provider you can boost your customer connections by elevating service levels through a better understanding of customer data.
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Boost your Telecommunications CDP
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Customer Communications That Connect On A Deeper Level

Telecommunications providers need to get smarter when it comes to creating a seamless experience for their customers. 

The one-to-many approach has left customers feeling like their relationship with their telecommunications provider is a bit shallow, with little understanding of their communication requirements and media consumption habits.

The clue is in the ‘communication’ part of telecommunication. This is key to really connect with customers beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and engaging with them on a deeper level across their products and services.

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Check out our infographic that highlights top challenges and solutions in the telecommunications space nowadays.

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Connect with Customer

Talking Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry has been promoting communications for decades across fixed and mobile lines and, more recently, broadband cellular networks, with 5G wireless technology driving exciting new levels of connectivity, enabling people to communicate and consume content faster than ever before.

Telecommunications giants have been encouraging audiences that it’s good to talk, to get better connected, and promising bright and exciting futures. And so, it is not surprising that data usage is growing exponentially as people use online messaging services, make video calls, and view and share internet-based video content.

Connectivity: The Ultimate Utility

Households are dependent on their telecommunications provider to enable different people access to their connections, colleagues, and content on-demand, as fast as their bandwidth will allow them.   

It’s an established utility that most people can’t do without. The market is competitive, and the price is often used as an acquisition and retention tactic. But in a service-led sector, customers recognize that the right provider is worth paying a bit extra for. That means a provider that really gets them, understands what they need and when they need it.

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Relevant Communications Require Rich Data

That’s why communications need to be truly personalized and offer customers information that is relevant to them through the channels they prefer to use. Service levels need to be sky high across the call center, with great chat channels at hand and helpful hints when using online services.

Creating a great customer experience that results in positive interactions and positions your telecommunications brand as their top choice is an emotional engagement that requires comprehensive customer data on an individualized and household level.

Our Customer DNA provides a customer profile that is rich in information that helps you get to know your customers better and be primed to respond to their needs in real-time.

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Telecom Broadcast

Household data can also be aggregated based on separate members of the household, allowing for a more holistic approach to driving more service adoption and consolidation, therefore increasing average revenue per household.

This provides the opportunity to bring individual usage and preference insights together with household data to offer a more consolidated approach to households who require control and simplification of their telecommunications usage and billing. From content streaming services to online shopping and Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as smart speakers, data usage could vary, and different security and privacy measures may need to be put in place for younger members of the household.

Start Simply With A Warm Welcome

Start as you mean to go on and give a warm welcome to customers during
the onboarding phase of their customer journey with you.
Creating the best possible experience from the outset allows your telecommunication
brand to maximize cross- and up-selling opportunities
from the get-go, as you provide helpful solutions to their individual and
household needs that streamline their services and increase
their potential lifetime value to your brand.

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Boost your Telecommunications CDP with Household Insights
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