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The way forward for real telco connectivity

The theme of this year’s world telecommunications day was Accelerating Digital Transformation in Challenging Times, which seems to resonate with the feedback I get from telco clients nowadays – especially given recent events.

With the pandemic changing the ways we work and live and curtailing our mobility, broadband data consumption is way up. Meanwhile, revenues for telcos are down by a reported £31 billion. We’re not roaming in the ways we used to or were expected to, and some hotly anticipated tech trends like 5G have taken a back seat.

Alongside this, siloed and shallow communications leave customers without the personalized telecommunications packages that would truly benefit them and their households.



Making the right connections

With data usage accelerating throughout the pandemic, access to high-speed broadband is becoming seen more and more like any other utility. Households are dependent on their internet provider to connect, work and consume content on-demand, whenever and however they want. So how do telcos make the best of this situation in a competitive marketplace?

Brands will often focus their attention on luring new customers in with low joining fees and great deals for the first year of their contract, but is this really building retention and loyalty?

Research published by PWC showed that more than 92% of customers would leave their provider after just a few negative interactions. There’s no questioning that, especially when it comes to their mobile and phone contracts, customers are willing to pay that little bit extra for better customer service.

Getting personal

The challenge for telcos now is futureproofing their businesses to push revenue streams where there’s demand while making this a highly personalized experience that’s in tune with a customer’s behavior and needs – and that of their household.

But with large and complex data sets defining customer behavior, how simple is that to put into action?

Our Customer DNA provides a customer profile that is rich in information but enables you to understand your customers on a personal level and be primed to respond to their needs in real-time. This means that you can begin to interact with your customers with completely individualized, trigger-based communications from the moment they sign up.

This warm welcome creates the best possible experience, making your customers feel reassured that they’ve made a meaningful connection and opening the door for cross- and up-selling opportunities whereby bundled services offer simplification and convenience for customers, particularly households with different users with a range of requirements.



NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform is a feature-rich CDP with the most insightful Customer DNA and equipped to provide real-time interaction management that enables true one-to-one personalized marketing across every stage of the customer journey, right from day one.

If you’re interested in getting truly personal with your customer data, get in touch for a conversation today or watch our recent webinar about how telcos can boost their customer experience by leveraging household data.

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