Create a Unified Customer View with our Advanced CDP

Develop a holistic and ever-learning unified customer view with our Intelligent Engagement Platform’s core feature – introducing, Customer DNA™.

With evolving, single view profiles that learn from advanced customer metrics in real-time, you can make every moment meaningful for every customer.

Thanks to our Customer DNA™ functionality, creating a single customer view has never been so intuitive. At every stage, our platform transforms disparate data sets into a 360-degree view – based on customers’ preferences, behaviors, and motivations, alongside context-specific data. It provides the brains, so you can create experiences with heart.

From Fragmented Data to a Single Customer View

With advanced customer profile enrichment, get to know the people who count based on in-built and customizable metrics. Seamlessly convert unlimited insights from multiple journeys, channels, and touch points into a 360-degree customer view at each stage and create interactions that meet every customer experience goal and commercial objective.

With a unified customer view available from one, centralized database, you can also overcome organizational silos and equip your team with super-segmented insights to drive real value and reap real results.


Turn Holistic, Unified Views into Happy, Understood Customers

We all want satisfied customers, and all customers want seamless experiences. With our advanced customer interaction software, you can learn from the most relevant data to deliver exactly what your customers want, when and how they want it.

Our Intelligent Engagement Platform feeds your business with intelligent analytics, combining real-time and historic data to learn customers’ buying behaviors, purchase histories, channel preferences, propensity scores, product eligibility, and much more. Customer DNA™ also leverages contextual data to create a truly comprehensive single customer view, enabling you to target individuals with personalized engagements that make sense in the moment.

Power 360-degree Personalization at Every Stage

Orchestrate journeys that always meet your customers’ needs as they change in real-time, and make intelligent predictions about what they’ll need next, based on an optimized and unified customer view. From acquisition to retention, go further than personalization to achieve real customer-centricity.

Make sure engagements are always contextually relevant, wherever your customers are in their journey (or multiple journeys at once). If your customers are part of a household, learn from sophisticated insights to drive value based on their living circumstances.


Orchestrate Always Meaningful Customer Journeys

To ensure every customer journey is seamless from the get-go, our Intelligent Engagement Platform allows you to pre-program alerts based on criteria being met, as determined and monitored by our Customer DNA™ functionality.

Combining a 360-degree customer view with next best experience capabilities, our platform ensures you’ll never miss an opportunity to make your customers feel seen and heard, while retaining complete control over when, how, and if you engage.