Passion Based Acquisition & Loyalty

Partner Overview

Seaters provides smart technology for sustainable brand relationships and has offices in New York, Brussels and Paris. Customers include BNP Paribas, AB Inbev, Bank of the West, Proximus and many more across different verticals.

  • Increase targeting and effectiveness of ticket distribution by utilizing Smart dynamic audiences from the NGDATA platform.
  • String acquisition and loyalty together for always-on engagement dialogue.
  • Let tickets be part of the customer journey for the company’s offers to increase conversion from prospect to customer.
  • Use all of the company’s customer data to form a customer DNA that will lead into applying smart audiences in loyalty marketing.
  • Decrease the overcapacity in tickets by actively focusing experiences on those particular tickets ad thereby reducing waste.
  • Reduce churn by targeting the right churn audience with the most enticing event experiences.


Joint Solution Overview

The NGDATA Seaters joint solution was created to fill an unfulfilled need in the martech space to capture interest and passions through a non-intrusive way of client bonding. The combination of the seaters solution with the powerful NGDATA intelligent engagement platform allows for full circle engagement of clients or prospects by aligning passion to marketing efforts and increase success of loyalty marketing.

The NGDATA Seaters joint solution provides both the loyalty marketing and data-driven engagement into one solution where ongoing engagement with customers on a blend of the company’s products and loyalty offers leads to lasting and trustworthy customer relationships.

Companies are now able to combine advanced analytics with loyalty marketing in a real-time and automated way to increase brand stickiness while reducing marketing waste and inefficiency in ticket allocation.

Solution Capabilities

CAPTURE INTEREST DATA: the solution provides an alternative and consent-based way of capturing interest from clients and prospects without severing the customer relationship and spending large budgets on ineffective paid media.

PERSONALIZATION: capture prospects and clients behavior when creating wishlists and engage them in the moment through personalized communication on the seaters platform or re-engage through other communication means in the case of abandonment.

SMART AUDIENCES: Built-in AI capabilities allow marketers to discover and explore new audience members through self-service AI and utilize these audiences in the seaters platform to improve targeting of prospects & leads leading to intelligent ticket distribution.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY: customizes customer journeys for product offers and incorporate ticket marketing into specific journey phases.

ENGAGEMENT THROUGH PASSION: (re-)activate customers through applying next best event marketing on event tickets to drive them towards the seaters solution and sign up for.


“The collaboration between Seaters and NGDATA fuels our respective partners with data-rich insights to leverage customers’ personal interest and passion points”

Patrick Mathot | CEO at Seaters

NGDATA + Seaters Solution Architecture

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