Managing Customer Retention, Renewing Contracts and Securing Market Position for Utilities

Partner Overview

Delaware Consulting is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage. With over 2,200 consultants globally, Delaware has strong expertise in the utilities, manufacturing, retail, and automotive sectors.

  • Significant increase in customer contract renewals with a direct financial impact in the short-run and long-run.
  • Maximize your ARPU through advanced customer intelligence to increase customer loyalty, customer value and renewing customer contracts much easier.
  • Automated renewal journeys bring the key competitive advantage
  • Fight customer churn through in-depth knowledge of customer’s characteristics (both quantitative and qualitative) and used for activation within the IEP in real-time.
  • Create personalized product or service packages, tailored to the profile or segment of the clients enabled.


Joint Solution Overview

Utilities are suffering from high customer churn due to low transition barriers and very competitive customer acquisition strategies. Real challenges exist to retaining utility customers and avoiding customer churn which is why our solution is aimed at renewing & maximizing customer contracts.

The NGDATA + Delaware solution brings an integrated view of utility customers in order to service them in a more personal and proactive way. Through an in-depth view on the Customer-360 and understanding of customer behavior, utility companies can proactively manage customer retention, renew customer contracts and have a direct impact on their P&L and their market position.

Solution Capabilities

RENEWAL MODEL PIPELINE: Automated machine learning pipeline that takes drivers behind renewal and churn as inputs and outputs a renewal score. No data science effort needed because the automated ML takes care of the pre-processing and model tuning.

SMART AUDIENCES: Built-in AI capabilities allow marketers to discover and explore new audience members through self-service AI and utilize these audiences in the activation for experiences around renewal offers to improve targeting of renewal clients

RENEWAL CUSTOMER JOURNEY: Take customers through a renewal journey and get full visibility on the success of your customer journey so marketeers can steer campaigns and experiences on-the-fly.

OPTIMIZED OMNI-CHANNEL TARGETING: Target customers through the channels that are relevant for them using channel behavior analytics


“More demanding customer expectations are impacting our clients’ strategy, processes and systems. This is why delaware is a proud Lighthouse Partner of NGDATA. With our industry-specific insight practices, we can support our clients in stepping up their game and really interacting with their customers on a behavioural level, with a more in-depth understanding of how to rapidly drive customer value successfully and continuously.”

Sven Arnaut | Solution Lead for Strategy & Accelerate at delaware

NGDATA + Delaware Solution Architecture

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