Sharing data directly with your trusted business partners

Partner Overview

Data Republic enables enterprises to safely connect their most valuable data to the best people, apps, algorithms and data available. Data Republic’s private-by-design platform is trusted by enterprise organizations in highly regulated industries to manage external data collaboration. Data Republic provides governed workflows, privacy-preserving matching, data license agreements and secure analytics workspaces.

  • Governed data access enforced by both law and software
  • Quickly and safely onboard enterprise data from a variety of sources
  • Carefully curate subsets of data into each project. Make only the right data available to execute your project objectives.
  • Protect customer data with patented privacy-preserving technology and audit logs, ensuring data is only accessed and analyzed for approved purposes.
  • Easily launch governed Virtual Machines with scalable compute and storage, with memory-optimized and deep-learning features such as GPUs.
  • Track and trace the usage of data across all projects to ensure compliance with corporate policies and regulations.
  • Compliant to the most stringent security requirements of global banks and data regulations, including GDPR and respecting ISO27001 security certification.

NGDATA + Data Republic

Joint Solution Overview

The NGDATA and Data Republic joint solution was created to enable onboarding and sharing of 1st and 2nd party data directly and effectively with your trusted business partners in a privacy compliant, governed and scalable way.

The NGDATA and Data Republic joint solution provides your marketing team with a channel to build customer 360 views and audiences based on additional insights with their trusted business partners. The solution allows improved product and pricing segmentation, personalization of campaigns, and higher ROI to marketing partnership collaborations.

Companies are now able to build an ecosystem of data partners to differentiate themselves from their peers in the market through better usage of their 1st and 2nd party data assets. While 3rd party data is often used, its accuracy and level of detail has been lacking and the trend towards cookieless makes this data less available and valuable overall. Your business partners have rich transactional datasets that describe customer behaviours and needs. Tap into this rich source of data, build your own data ecosystem and win customers faster.

Solution capabilities

Secure matching: Data Republic allows for de-identified customer matching to preserve privacy. The NGDATA IEP provides the identity resolution to link the 2nd party data back to the holistic customer profile.

Data Enrichment: Onboard 2nd party data directly from trusted business partners in a privacy and regulatory compliant way to activate customers with new insights.

Joint Analytics: Embark on joint analytics projects to create new marketing models using combined 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, design new audiences to improve targeting, or refine other marketing and customer analytics to achieve your goals.

Customer engagement: Enhance decision-making capabilities and build more accurate audiences through valuable customer insights from a variety of 2nd party data.

Smart audiences: Built-in AI capabilities allow marketers to discover and explore audiences based on 2nd party data attributes or in combination with 1st and 3rd party data.


“At Data Republic, we solve the hardest data collaboration challenges between organisations who need to balance the need for innovative data solutions with customer privacy and regulation. The future of ad tech personalised targeting is uncertain, and high-quality 3rd party data is unavailable in some markets. That’s why organisations must look at their business partners to access high-quality customer data to personalise offers and deepen relationships via their CDP platforms. NGDATA provides a market-leading CDP solution enhanced with 2nd party data. Data Republic provides a secure, regulatory, and privacy-compliant way of sharing data. Together we present a powerful combination of technologies for data-driven marketing leaders who have tapped out their 1st party data and need to look more broadly for actionable insights.”

Scott Albin, COO, Data Republic 

NGDATA + Data Republic Solution Architecture

Data Republic - NGDATA - Partnership

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