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It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

Why A CDP Should Be Part Of Your Tech Offering 

The CDP marketplace is growing at a rapid rate, with large M&As have taken place in recent months, demonstrating the appetite there is to add core CDP capabilities to technology solutions and services. This trend is linked to the commercial demand and requirement businesses have to implement CDP solutions so they can build golden customer profiles and deeper relationships sooner rather than later.  

Gartner reported that of the businesses that plan to deploy a CDP in the next year, 35% have already secured the budget and 43% are in the process of building a business case to secure fundingWe see this trend increasing significantly over the coming years as we enter economic recovery post-pandemic.  

Also, if faced with a choice of which planned technologies to scrap, CDPs rank as the technology they would least likely cut from planned deployments. 

An Intelligent CDP At The Core Helps You Deliver More 

Growing your business and adding additional value can be achieved by adding more intelligence into your technology mix. With a smart CDP connecting a componentized technology landscape, you can ramp up your technology capability stack to deliver more sophisticated customer analytics and personalized customer engagements for your customers. 

This basically comes down to deciding whether to buy, build, or partner to access top-quality CDP capabilities into your software solution stack. We want to make that decision easier by offering our advanced CDP, the Intelligent Engagement Platformas the perfect addition to your technology stack and customer solutions. Incorporating our IEP brings commercial value to your bottom line as well as improves the customer experience and subsequent sales for your clients. 

Better Together 

We want our partners to get access to these innovative capabilities but also get the necessary support to go to market with this new offering. That is why our partner program, NGDATA Inside, enables our partners – particularly OEMs – to white label our Intelligent Engagement Platform and embed it into their technology stack for their clients. 

NGDATA Inside also allows marketing technology ISVs to enhance and scale their customer analytics and omnichannel engagement with access to a Forrester recognized ‘Customer Analytics Focused CDP. Meaning partners can credibly and confidently sell more sophisticated solutions to their clients that add real value. 

Get The Inside Track Benefits

Grow Your Business & Gain Competitive Advantage 

NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform enables you to present a compelling business case to clients. They’ll understand the positive impact on their customer engagements by taking an analytics native approach with robust reporting that shows the potential ROI that can be achieved through enhanced customer lifetime value (CLTV). 

Shorter Time To Value With Built-In Experience 

The Intelligent Engagement Platform has plenty of use cases built in. This experience reduces rollout time for projects and helps clients realize results faster. 

Best Of Breed Delivers Exceptional Customer Experience 

A pure-play CDP with best-in-class capabilities is what you get when you access NGDATA Inside. From comprehensive Customer DNA to real-time interaction management, you can offer top-quality insights and the most sophisticated decisionmaking and subsequent orchestration to clients. 

Partner For More Meaningful Relationship 

We have a proven formula to approaching our partner engagement that delivers the best solution for your clients. This consists of four critical support stages: 

  • Discovery and Onboarding is where NGDATA takes the lead – laying the solution foundation, defining the goals and desired outcomes, and establishing the commercial model to monetization. 
  • Solutioning is the phase where we shape the solution strategy and messaging to have a clear go-to-market (GTM) approach. This marketing support applies to specific verticals so that each partner can access a tailored and differentiated approach designed to maximize sales. 
  • Monetization is the focus of our business model so that our partners have ongoing, recurring, and solution-based revenue. 
  • Partner Success. The ultimate goal of NGDATA Inside is to support partner opportunities and nurture and convert leads and prospects in the partner pipeline.

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