Company News


Today is an exciting day for NGDATA as we announced the acquisition of ENQIO. I wanted to use this post to provide additional details into the background of the deal as well as how the acquisition strengthens NGDATA’s overall business objectives and position in the Big Data market.

ENQIO is a Belgian-based professional consultancy focused on data management, business analytics and multi-channel campaign management. As we expand internal business process knowledge across key verticals such as banking, media, and publishing and telecommunications, ENQIO provides us with a team of seasoned data scientists with unparalleled experience in data management, business analytics and multi-channel campaign management— a core competency lacking in most Big Data technology vendors. As a result, NGDATA now offers one of the most comprehensive Big Data solutions on the market. It has been widely reported that there is real shortage of data scientists in the industry, which creates a disadvantage for vendors and organizations when it comes to driving ROI from their Big Data investments. By acquiring our own team of data scientists, we believe we offer the perfect formula for success.

This is especially important—and exciting—for our customers. By combining the insights and expertise of the data scientists with NGDATA’s Lily solution, we can collect and analyze data on an ongoing basis for real-time analysis for more comprehensive and dynamic insights into our clients’ business, customers, business processes, marketing capabilities and opportunities. We view this as an end-to-end solution that many in the industry have failed to deliver.

The move comes at an important time for NGDATA as we continue to expand our global footprint, and with a team of experienced data scientists to supplement our customer intelligence solutions for the broader market, NGDATA is poised for even greater success and we look forward to this exciting next stage in our development.