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Customer Retention Strategies: 30 Experts Share Their Most Effective Tactics and Techniques for Retaining Customers

Customer retention requires a serious commitment to long-term relationship building. But often, retaining existing customers is more cost-effective and even more profitable than acquiring new customers. With every company having its own unique customers and target audience, it can be difficult to pinpoint that one strategy that fosters trust and, ultimately, brand loyalty. In fact, many times it’s a combination of tactics and strategies, along with real-time adaptations to each customer’s individual needs, that facilitates lifetime customer loyalty and allows a business to achieve customer retention goals.

Loyal customers are often those that lead to referrals. In other words, the lifetime value of your existing customers extends far beyond the obvious. So what can businesses do to improve customer retention and foster the brand loyalty that creates lifetime customers?

Sure, there is fine line between satisfying your customers and compromising the immediate priorities of your business. How much time is your support staff willing to spend answering complaints? More importantly, how can you optimize the time your staff spend conducting support activities that can aid customer retention — and how much time is too much time? Fulfilling your customers’ demands, in order to keep them, can be an arduous task. Thus, implementing a solid customer retention strategy that fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty from the start of the relationship can save your business a lot of time and keep your customers coming back for more.

That’s why we’ve interviewed a panel of customer retention experts and asked them:

What’s your single most effective customer retention tactic or strategy?

See what they say below:

Meet Our Panel of Customer Retention Experts:

Ken RhieKen Rhie

Ken Rhie is CEO of Trumpia, a cloud-based mobile marketing automation software. Ken comes from a unique blend of background including IT consulting (Deloitte), software marketing (Symantec), and high tech business incubation (3 start-ups). He holds two software patents and has his MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

“My top customer retention tactic is…”

Not using any short-term measure, but a long-term relationship.

The best way to keep customers satisfied is to engage them with what they feel is important. Not everybody is interested in every item or service you offer. In today’s wonderful Internet age, you can deploy marketing automation technologies to determine what consumers want and then deliver it at the same time. The company that understands what people want and makes those things easily available will edge out competitors and cultivate long-term customer relationships. Whether you are sending a notice, coupon, or story, make your message relevant by matching it with your target’s interests and past behavior. Marketing automation helps you set up filtering, targeting, and automatic triggering so you don’t have to do these by hand.

Ben Cohen Customer Retention expertBen Cohen

Ben Cohen is the CEO and Founder of BobCar Media.

“The most effective technique for customer retention is…”

Building a personal relationship with our clients who share the same values.

We make it a point to take an interest into each of our clients’ businesses while learning how they operate and what they ultimately stand for. Providing a service is not enough; you need to create and implement a relationship marketing strategy.

I also find that feedback surveys are a great way to boost retention. Listening to your customers and acting on their suggestions is extremely important when it comes to growing and developing your business for the better. Through surveys, we are able to learn first hand how our service is performing when it comes to customer expectations. Ultimately, this feedback helps retain clients and make positive changes.

Ian AronovichIan Aronovich

Ian Aronovich is the president and co-founder of GovernmentAuctions, a site that compiles and provides information about government auctions of seized and surplus merchandise from all over the country.

“My #1 customer retention technique is…”

Provide excellent customer service.

Also, have great employees who are always available to answer and handle any customer questions and complaints. Make sure to take care of any customer issues and know leaving that the customer is pleased. Value the feedback customers give and use it to constantly enhance your business and help your company grow. This guarantees the highest level of customer service by creating benevolence among our customers and followers who are then more than happy to spread word of mouth about our business.

Mark Smith customer retention expertMarc Smith

Marc Smith joined Magnolia Financial as Senior Vice President after serving as a Financial Associate for a Fortune 500 Company. He graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor’s in Finance and earned his MBA in Strategy and Management from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

“The most effective customer retention tactic is…”


It is the best policy even if it means saying,”No.” It’s important to be upfront and honest with customers. If you cannot meet their request or their need, or if you think it’s not the best option for them, let them know immediately. Sometimes a quick “no” is better than a drawn out “yes.” A customer who trusts you as an advisor or expert will be more likely to come back; they know you’re looking out for their best interests rather than just trying to sell them something.

Bill RiceBill Rice

Bill Rice is the CEO and Founder of Kaleidico, a full-service digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience creating, leading, and evolving marketing strategies in a variety of industries. Kaleidico focuses its marketing work on targeting consumer behavior, a passion he first discovered as a pioneer in Information Warfare operations with the U.S. Air Force, the Department of Defense, and various federal intelligence agencies.

“My #1 strategy for retaining customers is…”

If you’re managing a tech support team, nothing unnerves a customer needing support more than feeling as though they’re being neglected or ignored. When supporting an outage, give yourself breathing room to work on the problem and hold your customers’ satisfaction level at a high level with a simple note: “We’re actively working to resolve [the issue]. I’ll update you with a status update or resolution in XX minutes.”

If you’re providing professional or consulting services, you’re solving business challenges and innovating new solutions every day. These problems and their solutions are not unique to any one company; they are inherent in many common business situations. By taking these general scenarios and solutions and documenting them to an exclusive, subscriber-only audience (i.e., newsletter, Facebook group, Linkedin group), you can retain and build a loyal client base.

In any customer relationship retention strategy, the closer you can get to your clients’ daily operational process, the better you can proactively solve emerging challenges. Whether you’re a SaaS business or hands-on services business, constantly monitor your customers and their markets for changes. These shifts will often alert you to potential problems you’re positioned to solve before they’re acute to your clients.

Misa Chien Customer AdvisorMisa Chien

Misa Chien is the CEO of Fosubo, a platform enabling businesses to improve employee performance and training through feedback.

“The most effective customer retention strategy is…”

Go above and beyond for your customers.

Like the system we sell, we are in touch with our clients every step of the way. Our customer feedback system lets businesses know if a customer has an issue, allowing them to reach out and save that customer within 24 hours. We certainly follow our own model of keeping in constant communication with our clients, and getting back to them within 24 hours of an issue is the key to retaining an unhappy customer.

HasanMargaret Hasan

Margaret Hasan works at AnNisa Designs LLC.

“For customer retention, my #1 tactic is…”

Give your ideal customer what they want.

First, I try to provide uniquely appealing products on my website. Then I try to research and target the demographic that will be most attracted to my products as accurately as possible.

When I see what sells best, I buy the same types of styles or similar products along the same line of style interest. Then I send out bi-monthly shout-outs announcing these styles as new arrivals.

Every two months, I offer sales on certain items that are quality, but may not be moving. I also offer discounts and incentives for purchasing more than one item at a time and for customer referrals.

I also give holiday gifts to customers who purchase at least five items in a year, in addition to offering blog posts that expand on the knowledge and interest concerning the products I sell.

Lydia SugarmanLydia Sugarman

Lydia Sugarman is a seasoned marketing and sales professional with 
experience in a multitude of business verticals, including insurance, travel, and entertainment, prior to founding Venntive. Sugarman has mounted art 
exhibitions in Moscow and New York and also enjoys participating in bike messenger races 
in New York and San Francisco.

“When it comes to customer retention…”

Business relationships aren’t really that different from personal relationships.

If we haven’t heard from a friend in a while, we naturally 
pick up the phone, send an email, text them, or even drop a card in the 
mail to check in with them. We want our friends to know that they are 
important to us, that we’re thinking about them, and that we are always 
there to help them. The same holds true with business relationships. People 
are people, and they want to know they’re appreciated, especially customers 
who are spending hard-earned dollars with us on a regular basis.

altmanLou Altman

An entrepreneur from age nine, Lou Altman has been fascinated 
with, studied, and trained in customer service, sales, and strategy for over 
30 years. He has held a variety of roles, from sitting in the front-line service rep seat to helping a sales team beat a company conversion record. Today, Altman leads his current company, Globalfone.

“My #1 strategy for retaining customers is…”

Having a mindset that then rules all strategic and tactical 
thinking, process design, polices, etc.

A retention mindset means you start the retention process on the first prospecting call and continue the process through each 
sales call, service call, and calls that occur for no reason other than to say, “Thanks for your business.” Treat each 
customer like you would treat your grandmother: with love and care, patience, 
and education. Customers and clients (I prefer clients), want to know that 
they are cared for, nurtured, and supported. This is delivered through a 
mindset, not a short-term tactic.

Linda Murray Bullard

Linda Murray Bullard is the owner of LSMB Business Solutions, LLC, a small business consulting firm.

“My secret to retaining customers is…”

The relationships I foster.

I make each customer feel like they are a meaningful part of my business family. When necessary, I refer them to people in my network who can give them any additional assistance they need. I invite them. This strategy has been one of the main reasons why the majority of my customers want to come back and even refer their friends and family.

varunVarun Murkar 

Varun is the Managing Partner at Cuber. An entrepreneur straight out of high school, his agency specializes in web design, UX, and brand identity.

“The best customer retention tactic is…”

Honesty combined with a lot of caring.

This works for all stages of clients, whether a lead or a paying customer. When you care about your work and how it helps the customer, it always shows. Following up and nurturing is part of the strategy. For example, our communication isn’t limited to project-related stuff. We occasionally send our customers personalized, useful emails with materials such as insights, guides, or freebies. We focus on creating value for the customer and building an open and honest relationship, even if it means occasionally telling them we may not be a good fit for the project. It may sound counterproductive to some, but in our experience, it’s the caring that keeps them coming. Any of our clients can testify to that.

SturmerGabriel Stürmer

Gabriel Stürmer is the CMO of Cupcake Sweet Entertainment. He’s had 8+ years of experience in the technology market, from e-commerce to games, with a focus on marketing.

“The key to customer retention is…”

1. Give the user something valuable when they return. 
We’ve created daily rewards for users that play every day, improving 
retention in about five percent of cases.

2. Offer something new everyday. 
If your product is always the same, customers will eventually get bored of 
it. Daily deals, daily challenges, and fun events, such as holiday-themed events, will help 
with retention.

3. Remind your users to return. 
If you collect emails, phone numbers, or social networking connections, use them! The amount of 
products, websites, and stores available today is overwhelming, and yours 
might fall to the bottom of the list if you don’t keep in touch. Don’t over-
communicate and risk becoming a spammer.

4. Optimize your funnel. 
Measure user behavior from top to bottom. What is the main purpose of your product (sales, sharing, etc.)? Have it defined and optimize for it from the 
moment your users first interact with your company.

5. Make it a pleasant experience. 
No matter how well you apply your customer retention tactics, if your 
overall experience is not good, customers will not return. Tip: The first-time 
user experience is key to retaining new customers.

Shapiro is an customer retention expert
Richard Shapiro

Richard Shapiro is the Founder and President of The Center for Client Retention, a company providing customized research, training, and consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations to help them create an exceptional customer experience. His first book is The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business.

“When it comes to customer retention…”

Building relationships is key.

One of the best ways to create and develop a stronger relationship is to meet your customers outside of their offices for breakfast, coffee, or lunch. This type of environment allows people to relax and gives you and your customer the opportunity to really get to know each other.

For B2C companies, showing customers that they matter is critical.

Let customers know that you enjoyed helping them and that you want to see or speak to them again. After the transaction is complete, keeping in touch with your customers lets them know that they still matter. Reaching out by the customer’s preferred communication method (telephone, email, text message, etc.) will keep you in the customer’s mind and encourage repeat business.

John KinskeyJohn Kinskey

John Kinskey is the Founder and President of AccessDirect. Since 1997, AccessDirect has been providing affordable Virtual PBX phone systems from its offices in Kansas City to businesses of all sizes across the country. An emerging thought leader in small business strategy, John has been referenced by Small Business Opportunities Magazine, CareerBuilder, Thinking Bigger Magazine, and TechCocktail.

“My top customer retention tactic is…”

Responsive customer service.

We are a small, boutique company in our 18th year competing against much larger competitors. We use our small size to our advantage. In other words, we actually answer our phones! Many larger companies want to wall off live customer support with a ridiculous phone tree that keeps directing callers to web self-service options. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can call back and speak to the same person each time, meaning it’s not necessary to repeat the background of their issue or questions to multiple representatives. We often have customers praise our service and responsiveness as a key to their long-term account tenure with us. We have even had customers who closed-up shop apologize that they have to discontinue their service with us, as they reiterate that our responsiveness is second to none.

It may be old-fashioned, but we simply focus on delivering great customer service as our key retention strategy.

Robbie Kellman BaxterRobbie Kellman Baxter

Robbie Kellman Baxter is the founder of Peninsula Strategies LLC, a management consulting firm, as well as the author of the Amazon Hot New Release in the Sales & Selling category, The Membership Economy. She coined the popular business term “Membership Economy,” which is now being used by organizations and journalists throughout the U.S. and beyond.

“The most effective customer retention strategy is…”

To track, analyze and use customer data to make decisions.

What has been surprising to me is how many companies don’t actually use their data in a consistent way to make decisions, often blaming poor data systems and legacy software. Even the smallest companies using nothing more than Excel should use that data to inform decisions. As they grow, they can use more sophisticated technologies, but the important idea is to base decisions on real information.

There are two kinds of data: implicit (behavioral data about purchase and usage) and explicit (the customer’s voiced opinions and preference, such as surveys, interviews and focus groups). They tell different stories and need to be used in concert.

In the Membership Economy, organizations have ongoing formal relationships with their customers, and so there is more data and the ability to really get to understand their needs and preferences. In addition, because of the ongoing relationship, the expectation of the customers increase, so data analytics becomes critical.

Norberts ErtsNorberts Erts

Norberts Erts is the Co-Founder of CakeHR, an absence management software for B2B companies, where he serves as the marketing manager.

“The best customer retention technique is…”

Retention is the single most important thing for growth. Before you begin to implement any growth tactics, you first need to get a consistent amount of users actively using your product. If you don’t have a consistent user base, then you don’t have product/market fit. In that case, you should first focus on making a product that people want.

But how can companies achieve this goal?

Instead of merely selling a product, SaaS businesses should place the emphasis on their service. There are three main reasons for this:

1. Emphasizing service helps the customer,

2. it retains them, and

3. it improves your profit margin.

Service is a tricky deal. If you blow it, you lose clients. In the realm of CakeHR or any other SaaS delivery model, you don’t want to lose clients (churn them out). That’s why one of our first big investments after product launch was the creation of a new position: Head of Client Success.

Consumers have an impulse to punish bad service, at least more readily than their tendency to reward delightful service. And, they’re probably right. If you’re not delivering great service, you’re pretty much failing as a business. Look at it from the client’s point of view: When you provide exceptional service, they get value to the max.

Happy customers are the best and least-expensive way to advertise your business. So make your relationships as successful as possible!

Nima Noori,Nima Noori

Nima Noori is the CEO and Founder of TorontoVaporizer.

“The most effective customer retention strategy or technique is…”

Building customer relationships through transparency.

A large part of customer retention is relationship building, or instilling loyalty and trust into your customers. In my opinion, there is no better way to show customers what your business is really about, why they should trust you, and why they should give you their business (and repeat business) than by being transparent about your team and the values you stand for.

One way we’ve done this is through our ‘About Us’ page, which details our company’s personality, culture, and the values we stand for. And, because we have a very fun, relaxing culture, our page reflects that, with cartoon depictions of each team member. You can also read about the little things that make each team member unique and amazing at their job in their personal blurb, providing a way for our customers to connect with the team members who assisted them with their order or those who made their vaporizer shopping experience that much more personal.

On our ‘About Us’ page, we also outline our story and our commitment to our customers, and we provide customers the opportunity to vote for their favorite team member. The employee with the most votes is selected as the ‘Employee of the Month.’ So after reading our ‘About Us’ page, a customer will know a little bit about the company and the people that work behind the scenes, which helps them not only trust what we do, but also like who we are and what we stand for. This triple threat combination encourages customer loyalty and trust, greatly improving customer retention.

Christopher FoxChristopher G. Fox

Christopher G. Fox is the Managing Partner at Syncresis, a healthcare marketing consultancy dedicated to the idea that the online experience transforms connected patients into healthier populations. He is also the founder of Kindness Communication.

“My most effective customer retention tactic is…”


What I have learned over the years is that kindness trumps most other efforts to retain a customer. In my own B2B business, and in our work with B2B clients, we advise empathy first as a way to connect with customer needs. When you intentionally feel your clients’ business needs and strive to understand how those needs fit into their broader emotional lives as human beings, you establish connections much deeper than ordinary retention tactics. And in B2C industries, creating a culture of kindness makes an enormous difference from how products and services are designed to how customer support needs are handled. Appealing products and smart loyalty can be replicated, but emotional bonds, based on kindness, are hard to sever.

Deborah SweeneyDeborah Sweeney

Deborah Sweeney is the owner of MyCorporation, a company that she purchased from Intuit back in 2005. Having spun this business out of a large, publicly traded entity, Sweeney believes a focus on making the most out of a tight marketing budget is a critical feature of business success.

“The top customer retention strategy is…”

Communicate regularly.

We believe that a high-touch customer relationship is a key to a long-term customer. Our industry requires an initial legal filing, along with ongoing maintenance of document filings over the life cycle of our customers’ businesses. Rather than taking a completely automated approach, we engage with customers so that they remain connected to us.

Drew Stevens Drew Stevens

Drew Stevens is a leading customer service and business strategist. Having authored eight books, including Split Second Selling and Grand Slam Customer Service, Dr. Drew provides the recipes organizations require to retain customers. He is often quoted in the media and is a leading international keynote speaker.

“To be effective at customer retention…”

Businesses need to be customer savvy. That means that nothing happens until a customer walks through the door and remains there. Businesses must exist so that customers are a part of the business and not an interruption of it. Those businesses that are customer-centric save over 80 percent in marketing costs and gain over 140 percent in marketing dollars, simply due to happy clients telling their communities.

Linda ParryLinda Parry

Linda Parry, Esq. is the CEO of, a company that helps clients launch products by getting their products in front of retail buyers, home shopping networks, online sites, and catalog companies. also supports clients through cost-effective marketing programs and killer public relations.

“My top strategy for retaining customers is…”

Listen to your customers! If they tell you to modify your product, do so! If they tell you your price point is too high, find a way to make it less expensive while retaining the same quality. If they tell you that they want to see it in other colors, start to incorporate additional SKUs into your line. By listening to your customers, you’ll be able to find new ways to
grow your business while delighting them along the way!

Craig MerrettCraig Merrett

Craig Merrett is a serial entrepreneur from Adelaide, South Australia. Merrett and his company’s Co-Founder, Dan Clarady, are revolutionizing the home service industry with their technology website, Bookah.

“The most effective method for retaining customers is…”

For my business, customer retention is built upon customer satisfaction. This is achieved by performing above and beyond normal expectations in one’s endeavor. This is simple, but will undoubtedly see customer appreciation and referrals soar. It is the ‘wow’ factor. By ove- performing rather than over-selling, you create what I call a ‘grace bank’: room for honest mistakes or error when genuine mishaps occur.

Alexander RuggieAlexander Ruggie

Alexander Ruggie is the PR Director for 911 Restoration. Ruggie has worked in the advertising, marketing, and entertainment industries for more than a decade. When he isn’t crafting strategies and campaigns to help homeowners in need, Ruggie is trying to save the world, one well-worded idea at a time.


“My #1 secret to customer retention is…”

Doing great work.

In the restoration industry, the key to success is doing the job right the first time. In a service industry like restoration work, our reputation is key to our success and advancement the next time a customer experiences a catastrophe. If we do quality work the first time, it instills trust in the customer for the next time there is chaos like a flood, or for when a friend or family member asks for a referral. Being trustworthy is what gets us our next job.

Jason ParksJason Parks

Jason Parks is the owner of The Media Captain, a digital marketing agency based in Columbus. Parks has been quoted in the New York Times, Success Magazine, and Yahoo News. He has assisted in launching successful digital campaigns for publicly traded companies, national brands, and local, family-owned companies that have gained national attention.

“For customer retention, my #1 tactic is…”

Deliver results and communicate with the client.

If we are able to do our job of increasing web traffic while building stunning sites for our clients, that is only half the battle.

Communicating on a consistent basis is crucial to maintaining and retaining a client.

A client can be unaware about the success of a specific campaign. If you don’t communicate with them about all of the projects you are working on, along with the end results, all of your hard work can be for nothing.

The single most effective customer retention strategy is to communicate. Even if you under-perform on a campaign or project, the client will appreciate your honesty.

Lee SingletonLee Singleton

Lee Singleton is the Director of Client Relations for Tax Defense Network, LLC. He is the leader of the company’s Gold Star Client Care, an independent department within Tax Defense Network that handles client questions and concerns. Tax Defense Network, LLC is a national tax resolution company that resolves federal and state tax debt for individuals and small businesses nationwide.

“The most effective customer retention strategy is…”

There are many successful business models which offer a variety of products and services. No matter what industry you’re operating in, though, the single most important component to sustaining a flourishing company is customer and client service. The most successful strategy to customer retention is creating a relationship and building trust and loyalty with everyone you do business with.

Tax Defense Network, LLC distinguishes itself through our company philosophy of FIRE and ICE. Our core beliefs are that all clients should be ‘Fully Informed with Reasonable Expectations’ as to the services we can provide. This philosophy has become the basis of all of the communications we provide to taxpayers, because we understand the worries of our clients.

In addition to FIRE, clients should always have the ‘Ideal Client Experience’ with Tax Defense Network, Inc. Our operations are totally transparent: From the day Tax Defense Network clients call for a free consultation to the day their tax troubles are resolved, everything is on the table from the beginning so that the client can make an informed decision. This ideology strengthens not only our existing client base, but allows new clients to know that we’re a company they can trust.

Eric BartonEric Barton

Eric Barton is an author, marketing strategist, direct response copywriter, search engine/pay per click specialist, and serial entrepreneur who has been featured in places like Entrepreneur Magazine, CBS Money Watch, ABC and More. Barton helps small business owners and entrepreneurs through courses and systems, such as FastEasySuccess Marketing.

“My secret to customer retention is…”

The simple and potent answer is follow up.

It’s amazing how many clients I’ve helped in the past who never sent one follow-up email or letter to prospects or even to current customers. Many business owners would be amazed by the results if they simply set up a follow-up system in their businesses. It can be as simple as following up automatically, through email with an autoresponder (where you don’t have to take time from your day to physically send any because set-up once), or as simple as sending a nice one-page, personalized letter in the mail thanking them for their business.

You’ll see the best return on investment and increase conversions when you combine the two channels (online and offline) to follow up with future and current customers as well.


Alan CantonAlan Canton

Alan Canton is a Managing Partner at NewMedia Create. His company offers smaller, cheaper, quicker websites in a day for $399.

“My top secret for retaining customers is…”

Overwhelming customer service is what retains customers and gets new ones.

There is no magic bullet. Everyone thinks there is, whether it’s newsletters, sales, contests, or chat boards, but none of these tactics work as well as exceeding the client’s expectations. Exceeding expectations is as simple as offering a bit more for the money, being available 24/7, and always doing the right thing for the customer.

In our biz, there is nothing we won’t do for a client (so long as it is legal). Once you get that reputation, it sticks, and your biz booms from word-of-mouth recommendations.

Liat TzoubariLiat Tzoubari

Liat Tzoubari is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Apartable, a property search website based in NYC that started two years ago. The company currently has over half a million visitors a month to its website and is continuing to grow exponentially. Apartable started as a rental listings site, but expanded into the San Francisco market in June 2015 and will soon be be expanding to sales listings.

“My #1 strategy for retaining customers is…”

Respond to every customer within 24 hours. No matter what their concern, even if not urgent, we care about listening to our customers and addressing their problems so that they know that we are serious about running our business effectively and so that they feel taken care of. Customers are always surprised to hear from us so quickly and, as a result, we have received overwhelmingly positive responses from customers regarding our quick response time and helpful customer service.


Terry CarterTerry Carter

Terry Carter, Founder and CEO of Travertine Spa, is a seasoned business professional with over 25 years of combined experience in entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, international business, product placement, and intellectual property law. His career ranges from positions in government agencies and law firms to Fortune 500 companies.

“The best way to retain customers is to…”

Create and maintain a strong relationship with the customer, from the very beginning of the purchase until long after the purchase. When a customer walks into our store, they are treated with the utmost respect and are assisted with anything they need help with. All of their questions are thoroughly answered.

After a customer buys something, we will add them to our mailing list so we can be sure to let them know of any specials or promotions that Travertine will be having. We also make sure to check in with the customer to see how they are enjoying their new products. This is a great way to ensure complete customer satisfaction from the time they walk into the door until long after they have purchased a product.


Anne MitchellAnne Mitchell

Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. is CEO and President of ISIPP SuretyMail, which offers email reputation, accreditation, and certification services.

“The most effective customer retention tactic is…”

We are incredibly proud of our customer retention rate. We have customers who have been with us since the day we launched; in fact, we just sent a few customers 10-year thank you gifts! That is our most effective customer retention strategy, although it wasn’t a strategy so much as a culture. Our number one thing is that we pride ourselves on how responsive we are to our customers. When a customer sends an email to our support team, they hear from us within minutes. If they have a question to which the team doesn’t know the answer, someone tells them that they don’t know, but they will find out and get back to them – and then they do. If the customer has a pain point, we either solve it for them, or tell them what they need to do to solve it (and then we give them any hand-holding that they need). So, in a single word, responsiveness. My personal motto is: If you want your customers to love you, show them the love.

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