St Patrick's Lucky Clover

Less Luck.
More Judgement.

Luck will only get you so far when connecting with your customers. However, we believe that data mining for nuggets of valuable insight is a more precise process to strike gold with your customers.

If you’re not treating your customers as individuals and still receiving engagement with your communications, then you are fortunate. Using spray and pray tactics, or mass marketing, is a short-term approach that means you’re less likely to maximize Customer lifetime value (CLTV) and retention. Brands need to structure intelligent engagements with all of their customers.

An Intelligent Engagement Platform automates accurate decision-making, taking the guesswork out of customer communications. Always-on machine learning ensures that any changes in behavior or circumstances are updated on an ongoing basis, so you know exactly what to talk to your customers about at the right time at scale.

Having a real connection with your customers means understanding what makes them tick and where. Sophisticated scoring and predictive analytics ensure precision targeting that makes the right judgement when it comes to offering content to customers with the correct context.


Here at NGDATA, we don’t make customer engagements by chance. Our customer DNATM builds individualized profiles of customers that update constantly and can therefore trigger accurate real-time reactions.

If you want a little more judgement and a little less luck, make sure you have the best platform in place to structure intelligent engagements with your customers.

Download our one-pager to find out the key components within the Intelligent Engagement Platform that make sure customers always receive the best customer experience.