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4 Ways Personalized Videos Help with Customer Experience

Thanks to real-time marketing tools that deliver accurate and complete customer data and insights, marketers are in a better position today than ever before to create personalized content and deliver it across channels to consumers – and in formats that may have seemed impossible to personalize at scale (at least not without substantial time, effort, and cost) just a few short years ago.

Personalized videos, for instance, have become an effective tool in the marketer’s toolbox for real-time marketing efforts that reach prospects and customers with relevant content at the right moment, and they’re proving to be powerful tools for enhancing the customer experience by:

Let’s take a closer look at how personalized video marketing enhances the customer experience.

1. Personalizing the Experience

When marketers personalize content, they increase their chances of engaging prospects and customers. Personalizing the experience gives companies the opportunity to deliver relevant content that is tailored to each viewer. Personalized experiences have become standard due to customer demand. They know companies gather data on their online and offline habits and buying behaviors, and they expect companies to leverage that data to create experiences that are relevant to them personally. With so many marketing messages surrounding them in every moment of their lives, today’s consumers don’t want to waste their time engaging with content that doesn’t resonate with their interests.

Consumers are inundated with video, email, text, and other digital media all day, every day. They’ll continue to scroll and choose the content they want to interact with on Facebook and Instagram, and when checking email, they’ll often quickly scan their inbox and stop to engage only with content they perceive to be most entertaining, valuable, and relevant to them. And what could be more relevant than a personalized video? Companies that leverage their customer data to deliver personalized videos can stand out from the noise, capture consumers’ attention, and meet their expectations with engaging, valuable experiences.

2. Delivering a Unique Experience

Wowing prospects and customers with personalized video is more than simply placing their name in the first few seconds of the video. You won’t engage your audience with a so-called personalized video that lacks real personalization and speaks in general terms to all viewers; rather, you need to deliver a unique experience by delivering content that matters to them — and that’s much more than just a name.

Companies that succeed in delivering personalized videos to enhance customer experience stand out from the competition because they make use of their data and insights to tailor videos to each viewer, aligned with each viewer’s unique interests, habits, and desires. Deliver a unique experience by making videos that aren’t only personalized but also interactive, putting the viewer in the driver’s seat by enabling them to control the content and create their own journey.

3. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Customers who receive information from companies via video are able to process it much more quickly than those who receive it in text form. When the information is delivered in the form of a personalized video, consumers become more engaged and enjoy the experience greatly; in fact, one company found that delivering information to customers in the form of unique videos resulted in a 90% completion rate.

Personalized videos have the power to enhance customer satisfaction especially for organizations in the financial industry. Financial services companies have long struggled with the need to create engaging and entertaining content in a niche that evokes preconceived notions in consumers’ minds. Think about confusing privacy statements, bulky policy renewals, and lengthy monthly and annual statements. Companies that present information to consumers via personalized videos boost engagement, customer appreciation, and customer satisfaction by highlighting important information, demystifying complicated legalese, and turning an otherwise mundane interaction into a personalized, enjoyable experience.

Personalized videos are warmer and create a much more memorable experience for customers than standard automated responses. It’s the difference between receiving a group text from someone thanking you for attending a wedding and a handwritten, personalized thank you for sharing in a special day.

4. Boosting Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Personalized videos lay wide the path toward delighting customers. When you surprise them with a video that is unique, they’re going to want to talk about it and share it with others on social media. When the videos go beyond your product or service and truly are tailored to each viewer, customers are often pleasantly surprised by the level of perceived effort involved in creating such a customized experience — and it’s an experience they won’t forget.  The connection will be stronger, your relationship will deepen, and you’ll foster loyalty and increase customer lifetime value. It’s from these solid relationships that brand ambassadors emerge, the fans who can’t keep their enthusiasm about your company to themselves.

One example of surprising and delighting customers with personalized videos comes from Dell. Dell has been creating personalized videos that are short in length yet pack a powerful punch by thanking customers for comments they make about Dell products on social media. Striving to ensure each personalized video is different, Dell also ensures that each customer is mentioned by name or Twitter handle. Part of the #DellLove program, these videos reach out to satisfied customers and thank them; in return, the surprised and delighted customers gain a personal connection with Dell team members featured in the video, as well as the company at large, and retweet or reply to videos to expand the positive sentiment surrounding the company.

When companies use data and insights to create personalized videos, they enhance the customer experience in ways that meet and exceed consumers’ expectations. By personalizing the experience, delivering a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience, enhancing customer satisfaction, and fostering word-of-mouth marketing, organizations utilizing personalized videos increase customer engagement and build customer loyalty.

Images via Pixabay by qimono and geralt