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How one company justified a million-dollar logo redesign inspired by the Mona Lisa

Read the Fortune article here.

Here is a brief summary:

  • Global Rollout: The new logo was launched in over 120 markets, marking Pepsi’s first major redesign in 14 years.
  • Design Elements: The new visual identity features an electric blue and black palette, combining modern and nostalgic elements, with the iconic Pepsi globe now including the brand name.
  • Consumer Involvement: Pepsi asked people worldwide to draw their version of the logo, influencing the final design to reconnect the globe and brand name.
  • Iconic Installations: Digital displays of the new logo were showcased at global landmarks, including the O2 arena in London and Ain Dubai.
  • Brand Philosophy: The redesign aligns with Pepsi’s “Thirsty for More” philosophy, promoting boldness and a desire for new experiences.