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From Campaigns to Conversations: Turn your static, manual marketing campaigns into insight-driven, contextual customer interactions

Conversational marketing is not new, after all brands have been listening to their consumers for years. From focus groups to surveys, customer input has always driven contextual messaging. But context in the age of data and real-time delivery has to be taken to a new level. Audiences expect to be served in their moment of need AND on their choice of channel — AND when they want it.

With the rise in technology, brands can no longer force consumers along a predefined path; customers want to drive the path themselves via conversations that personalize experiences in their time.

Becoming Customer-Obsessed

Savvy marketers are becoming customer-obsessed. Forrester describes customer obsession as a mode of operation that uses insights and engagement from customer relationships to create a virtuous cycle. Forrester found that customer-obsessed businesses have the highest revenue growth, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction:

  • Highest median three-year growth in sales
  • 93% customer satisfaction rate (vs. 65%)
  • More engaged employees with 40% more likely to report that they’re happy at work

But how do you reshape your organization to become customer-obsessed? As with many transformations, success starts at the top. It’s imperative to align your leadership team to create and stick to the vision. And of course, cohesion is the name of the game. All facets and elements of your business need to work together. From culture, staff and data to tech and processes. All this affects the customer experience. It’s important to know which elements to trigger when and how much to maintain this delicate balance.

Contextual Marketing Engines

Once you decide to become customer-obsessed you need to market that way. This insights-driven, self-perpetuating interaction cycle is what Forrester calls, Contextual Marketing Engines: brand-specific platforms that exploit customer context to deliver utility and guide the customer into the next best interaction.

Contextual Marketing Engines create highly engaged environments that drive business growth by combining knowledge of what’s worked in the past with real-time intelligence in order to adapt in the moment to what’s best for the customer conversation at hand.

Join us on November 29th, 2018 at 10AM EST/4Pm CET for an in-depth webinar on how you can transform your campaigns into conversations with special guest Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and our own Steven Noels, Chief Technology Officer at NGDATA. We’ll focus on the capabilities you need to be successful in contextual marketing and how a Customer Data Platform can help fill this essential gap in your current marketing stack.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to create the right marketing strategy, processes, teams and technology to enable your brand to make the shift to conversational marketing programs.
  • How brands are currently gaining advantages and building great relationships through contextual marketing.
  • How contextual customer interactions create value for both your brand and your customer, improving long-term business results.

Register today.