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Thought Leadership février 12, 2020

Why big data for customer experience needs to get some context

As consumers, we live in a digital ecosystem almost without even realising it. We interact with brand touchpoints many times a day, and in each...

Non classifié(e) janvier 31, 2020

Doug Gross about building a strong customer relation

Consumer habits change over time and the way banks engage with their customers evolves. Mainly because of increasing pressure. On the one hand due to...

Thought Leadership janvier 8, 2020

Hidden data heroes: what business data managers can do for financial services firms

As a highly-regulated industry, banking has traditionally focused on locking data down and making it secure. But a new breed of digital-first consumers is now...

Industry News décembre 19, 2019

A 2020 ‘perfect vision’ for the financial services sector

As we come to the end of another interesting year in retail banking, it is time to fish out the crystal ball and predict some...

Thought Leadership décembre 12, 2019

Business analytics won’t spark joy without the right data

Businesses have a lot to learn from Marie Kondo. The Queen of Decluttering has carved out a lucrative career as an “organising consultant” whose Golden...

Industry News novembre 25, 2019

Are we bored of Black Friday? The rise of relevancy among the price wars

Success on Black Friday rests on one key piece of wisdom: know your customer. Previously, the most attention-grabbing part about Black Friday promotions was time-limited...

Thought Leadership mars 11, 2019

Interactive Marketing and the Customer Experience

Marketers have relied on the traditional tactics of campaign-based marketing for years. Even as technology and changes in the practice have evolved, marketers still use...

Thought Leadership février 21, 2019

Taking Customer Experience Management to the Next Level

Brand loyalty is the key to success for data-driven, customer-centric enterprises. However, facilitating and nurturing brand loyalty requires rich, engaging and highly personalized customer experiences....

Thought Leadership février 20, 2019

Contextual Relevance and the Customer Experience

When it comes to generating value out of data, contextual relevance is of the upmost importance. Understanding human behavior, but not being able to apply...

Thought Leadership février 14, 2019

The Omni-Channel Customer Experience: Be Where Your Customers Are

Customer expectations have never been higher. We are living in an omni-channeled, constantly-connected and instantly-gratified world where customers want better value out of the brands...

Thought Leadership février 12, 2019

6 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Banks and Financial Institutions

Marketing offers a powerful and effective way to tell your story, connect with customers, and provide solutions to answer concerns and fuel their goals. That...

Thought Leadership février 11, 2019

Customer Experience is Defined by Relevancy

We all wear different hats depending on the context. In the world of business, we certainly wear the hats of both customers and marketers. As...

Thought Leadership février 6, 2019

For the Marketer, By the Marketer

To deliver contextually relevant customer experiences, you must be able to capture and synthesize customer data on the individual customer-level, and that’s what the martech...

Thought Leadership février 4, 2019

Banks and Real-Time Personalization

As customers consume content via the various channels of today’s digital world, something critical is happening—that customer is becoming a significant factor in a company’s...

Company News janvier 30, 2019

An NGDATA Publication: Banking on a Customer-Centric Approach to Data for Powerful Results

Marketers can no longer treat or view customers in aggregate, demographic categories. Making broad offers through fixed channels – once a perfectly acceptable course of...

Company News janvier 24, 2019

NGDATA Appoints Doug Gross as CEO to Support Future Growth

Today, we announced the appointment of Doug Gross as Chief Executive Officer. Doug brings more than 30 years’ international experience. He was previously Executive Director...

Thought Leadership janvier 22, 2019

Turning Prospects into Customers, and Customers into Advocates

Good marketers know what their customers want and expect. Besides having a great product or service, you must be able to engage with customers on...

Thought Leadership janvier 16, 2019

Build the Best Customer Experience Strategy for Your Brand

Today, the key to retaining customers and outperforming the competition is delivering consistently extraordinary customer experiences. But, outstanding customer experiences are not happy accidents. They...

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