Supercharging the Guest Experience at One of the Largest Integrated Global Resorts

  • +1% unique CTR to Welcome Email Campaign
  • +.5% Unique CTR for Marketing Email Campaigns
  • +41.9% Open Rate and +250% Book-to-OR for Cart Abandonment Email Campaign

A top global hospitality organization created and introduced to the world an entirely new kind of travel destination: The Integrated Resort. As one of the leading global developers of destination properties, this brand offers an array of high-end amenities and integrated them under one roof to provide the ultimate guest experience. They’ve created a self-sustained world of entertainment at each of their exquisite properties across the globe.

The client was interested in knowing more about the digital journey each of their guest’s experience, which includes the stages of: Discovering websites/property, Planning/evaluating a stay, Booking a reservation, Pre-arrival period, On-property stay experience, Conversion rate optimization, Increasing upsell.

Their current analytics tools were limited with regards to how they present user paths and booking behavior, and were looking for a partner who could provide advanced, real-time data, funnel visualization, etc. to more quickly identify and address opportunities through many use cases.

  • The objectives that the client wanted to engage were: Web Services & API Based Infrastructure, Understanding of Web Behavior, Collecting, Cleaning, Linking, Storing, Managing Data, Visualization of Web Behavior, Use Behavior Data & Analytics To Drive Conversion Optimization Efforts, Deliver Dynamic Content Across Channels, Development and Optimization of Attribution Models, Continued Support, Deliver Dynamic Content Across Channels, Development and Optimization of Attribution Models, Continued Support

The guiding business philosophy of the client is to see things from the guests’ perspective. NGDATA partnered with the client for a multi-phased project to achieve and outperform their objectives. NGDATA’s AI-powered IEP (and its Customer DNA) and Digital Transformation Services are based on a better understanding of each individual guest, and the ability to turn that insight into personalized and relevant actions. For instance, as the Guest DNA is changing in real-time, the NGDATA IEP offers the possibility to set alerts on each and every metric of the Guest DNA, allowing to trigger actions whenever a particular metric of the Guest DNA reaches a critical threshold. At each stage of the guest lifecycle, the IEP’s Guest DNA helps the client connect to its guest in a 1-on-1 manner, and recommend relevant actions, offers or services.

The client immediately sought to maximize their investment in NGDATA’s IEP by engaging NGDATA’s Digital Transformation Services (DTS). The DTS Strategy Consulting Practice provided expertise in business consulting and technical services to develop the digital marketing team’s IEP strategy and architecture. Using a combination of leading and proprietary methodologies and models, the DTS team provided an extensive analysis of the clients’ business case and operations. Using DTS-defined strategy and recommendations, DTS expeditiously implemented the IEP in an iterative, use-case-based approach delivering rapid time-to-value and immediate capability. The initial sprints realized the go-live of email campaign personalization, with later phases focusing on additional digital marketing channels: web, paid media, social, etc.

One of the use case included personalized marketing email. Customer mail communications from the client were dynamically personalized based on the NGDATA IEP’s Customer DNA. With the DNA being updated in real-time with web behavior, preferences, propensities, etc., the client was able to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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