NGDATA Powers New Loyalty Program at Central Group

  • Increased campaign accuracy by transitioning a manual monthly birthday campaign to a daily automated campaign, sent out on the actual day of the birthday instead of the birthday month.
  • Uptake in customer engagement and overall customer satisfaction.

Central Holding is a family-owned conglomerate holding company, based in Thailand, that is involved in merchandising, real estate, retailing, hospitality and restaurants. Central Group consists of a variety of diverse investments in various corporations, each of which has become the leader in their space. These complementary businesses continue to strengthen their position in the marketplace, both domestically and internationally.

The 1 Card is the loyalty program which members are able to collect points through every purchase from business units under Central Group, redeem points for cash coupon or discount when making payment at various brands. 

Central Group wanted to achieve the following business goals:

  • Improving customer engagement using real-time personalized communication (one-to-one marketing).
  • Becoming a customer-centric organization.
  • Increasing sales by activating customers with bonus points as a reward on their next purchase.
  • Understand their customers’ behavior when a condition/call to action is set on a promotion.
  • Reducing the manual work for sending personalize birthday messages to their valued 1 Card members.

NGDATA’s IEP allows Central Group to collect and process a very large amount of data to build individual Customer DNA profiles (4.5 million Central Group customer profiles) that serve as the basis for this customer engagement initiative. The IEP fits into the data lake strategy of corporate IT to serve the business with the necessary insights about their customers. By using predictive models and machine learning, the NGDATA IEP automates much of what used to be impossible to accomplish for Central Group. Automatically selecting, for each individual customer, the most attractive and relevant offers, delivered over the most effective channel, on whichever device customers are most likely to engage with.

In this first phase of the engagement, SMS was selected as the preferred communication channel to bring the personalized message to the customers. The message includes a reference to the customer’s favorite Central Group brand. This was defined as the brand of which the total number of visits, calculated as the number of unique days the customer has purchased at least one product of this brand, in the last year is the highest. Only brands from the following product categories were considered: beauty, fashion, sports and electronics. In the message, several personalization elements were added: customer name, favorite brand and expiration date.

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