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Our Out-Of-The-Box Industry Solutions Help Quickly Unlock the Value of 1:1 Engagement

Today, consumers expect more relevant, connected, and timely engagement from the companies they trust, delivered on a regular basis and aligned with their life goals and aspirations. With NGDATA's out-of-the-box solutions you can gain real-time insights into consumers while automatically driving meaningful experiences that lead to trust and brand advocacy.

Our industry out-of-the-box solutions for financial services, hospitality, telcom, media & entertainment, utilities, and retail are built on top of NGDATA's Intelligent Engagement Platform and enable you to immediately create value at every stage of the customer lifecycle by providing 1:1 omni-channel and real-time engagement.

Customer DNA, real-time audiences, offers, and experiences are available pre-packaged so you can quickly start improving customer acquisition, cross-sell/upsell, activation, servicing, retention, and advocacy. At the same time, you have the flexibility to refine and add custom use-cases, continuously redefining the future of customer-centric engagement.


Engage New Customers Early to Ensure They Become Your Most Active Customers

Attract qualified leads, grow your customers, and increase CTLV during the initial stages of the customer lifecycle by driving audiences to owned channels and delivering 1:1 experiences that engage, inform, and promote your core offerings. Starting customers early on the path to advocacy.

Our OOTB solutions leverage our real-time Customer DNA built on top of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party with predefined metrics that power experiences designed to attract qualified leads and onboard customers with relevant offerings.


Enhance External Advertising Campaigns

Leverage personalization and our Smart Audiences in external advertising campaigns, retarget previous or dormant customers and reduce waste in advertising dollars with more relevant interactions.

Welcome New Customers

Build meaningful relationships by personalizing customers' first visits on any channel with engaging offers, based on traffic source data and captured insights.

Next Best Recommendation

Deliver targeted real-time banners based on visitors' preferences by tracking product and service page visits and other cookie data.
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Match the Right People with the Right Products at the Time and Place They Matter Most

Discover new business opportunities and improve conversion rates by hyper-targeting consumers with engaging, relevant and personalized experiences. Our OOTB solutions use predefined Customer DNA metrics in campaigns to continuously listen for markers such as life moments, product events, customer needs, and recent interests. Automatically trigger the right 1:1 ​experience​ on the individual’s preferred channel. Guide customers throughout the journey by curating meaningful, context-aware experiences at all stages of the sales funnel.


Become the Primary Bank

Instantly present relevant web offers to existing customers based on eligibility, past interactions, financial situation, and feedback from previous experiences to nurture the banking relationship and become the financial partner of choice for your customers. Discover Banking Solutions >

Credit Card Selection Journey

Trigger the right credit card recommendations for qualified customers with a high likelihood to buy based on eligibility, preferences, purchase behavior, passions, life events, recent interests, and response to previous offers. Includes experiences to guide customers through the various stages of the buying journey. Discover Banking Solutions >

Loan Offer Journey

Leverage first and second party data such as credit bureau and DMP data to trigger a pre-approved loan offer for consenting customers with a high propensity for a loan based on recent behavior such as running a loan calculator or requesting their credit report. Discover Banking Solutions >

Bundle Optimization in Telco

Seize bundle opportunities that respond to your customers’ needs. With a real-time view on data consumption and product use of the household, you can proactively target customers with a bundled solution that better fits their usage patterns and those of their entire family.

Next Best Experience in Retail

Our IEP automatically pairs the best product with the most attractive offer to deliver highly relevant, context-aware and personalized messaging. Use historic behavior and transactional data to lift frequency and average cart value.

On Premise Offerings in Hospitality

Support guests through their entire journey from booking to pre-arrival and stay in the resort. Use web click data, booking information and folio info from previous stays to serve recommendations aligned with their preferences at the right time and location.





Increase Customer Lifetime Value by Ensuring Customers Are Using the Products and Services They Own

Increase revenue from your products by encouraging customers to use their underutilized products through personalized incentives and education about product features. Our solution listens continuously for changes in usage of products and services to automatically trigger personalized experiences that encourage further use.

Omni-Channel Engagement in Telco

Identify and follow-up on the usage of different data, media & entertainment packages of your customers. Respond instantly with experiences that activate the customer when behavioral changes take place and when you anticipate changing needs.

Activate Savings

Help customers optimize the return from their savings by assessing the current and future state of their finances. Provide meaningful suggestions on how customers can optimize their savings and offer solutions the moment their financial situation changes.

Credit Card Activation in Banking

Send personalized offers based on customer interest and transaction patterns to encourage credit card usage when a customer appears inactive or may have switched banks.
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Build Consumer Trust by Providing Personalized Services and Informed Advice

Provide automated services and support to enable customers to help themselves; resulting in less demand on support teams, higher customer satisfaction, and increased brand loyalty.

We continue to find use-cases to add to our industry solutions which listen for account activity to trigger actions that go above and beyond when it comes to helping customers optimize their value. Additionally, we have added customer DNA metrics that can be used by support teams to better serve the customer.


Mobile Adoption in Banking

Get the most out of your digital channel investments by delivering personalized communications highlighting mobile app features such as mobile payments and personal investment manager based on what customers use, their owned products, needs, and habits. Discover Banking Solutions >

Financial Helper

Follow-up on your customers' ins and outs and how they manage their day-to-day financials. Predict possible shortage in balance or anticipate excess balances to recommend personalized tips such as automatic payments to avoid late fees or automated alerts that help maintain customers financial health. Discover Banking Solutions >
Results Reduced Churn



Keep Customers in Your Orbit, Not Your Competitors'

Happy customers stay customers. Reducing churn means being more proactive at solving customer pain points. Knowing exactly when a customer is having a not-so-amazing experience is more than half the battle.

Our solutions monitor customer behavior trends, speed of change and inactivity in real-time to predict and identify those customers most likely to leave. These changes in activity and trends automatically trigger the right experience tailored to retaining your customer and driving them back on the path to advocacy.


Listen to Your Customers

Leverage call center, survey, and transaction data as well as general interactions with the bank to predict when customer satisfaction is dropping and immediately trigger experiences over a customer’s preferred channel to mitigate the risk of churn. Discover Banking Solutions >

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The Best Customer Data is All Your Customer Data

The only true, single picture of each customer and prospect is an analytical view combining all available and relevant 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data into a single, context-aware, real-time Customer DNA. Our Industry solutions include a baseline DNA that you can build on top of as you add additional use-cases and data sets.

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