Customer Journey Solutions Stages

Customer Journey Solutions

The key to creating a great customer experience and maximizing ROI is to provide customer journey-specific communications to customers.

Customers require specific messages throughout their individual customer journey to create the best customer experience and maximize ROI. Ranging from early-stage awareness-raising communications to ongoing retention and advocacy-focused communications, businesses can better engage with their customers.

With data analytics, businesses can better determine the next best action and therefore the next best experience for customers.

Customer journey segmentation can help companies increase targeting precision, increase market share, reduce support costs and increase customer lifetime value (CLTV).

NGDATA’s platform engages customers at each step of the customer journey from acquiring new customers to retaining new ones.

Customer Journey Solution Stage: Awareness

Identify life moments (moving out, getting married, starting a family) and raise awareness of your brand and the products and services you offer that support those life moments. Reach customers and help understand their needs at the start of their journey. Identify customer segments (or clusters) with characteristics (such as habits & behavior) that make them a good fit for your business.

This enables precision targeting, meaning more relevant engagements and therefore, more efficient advertising spend and execution efforts and results.Return to Top

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Customer Journey Stage: Consideration

Getting customers to think of you over and above competitors means making their experience with your brand as personalized as possible.

Provide solutions to their needs through compelling and relevant interactions. Make it easy for them to engage with you and develop a preference for your brand, which is vital at the consideration stage of the customer journey.

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Customer Journey Solution Stage: Acquisition

Provide trust and deliver timely follow-up to encourage people to start a relationship with your brand. Assess a customer’s likelihood to purchase by using propensity modeling and scoring. Enable more accurate sales projections and allocate ROI-driven budgets to maximize your customer acquisition.

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Customer Journey Solution Stage: Onboarding

Personalized one-to-one marketing makes a customer feel acknowledged on a personal level and welcomed as an individual, not just a number. Guide your new customer through the onboarding process while reducing costs with digital support and alternative contact and information channels i.e. chat, email, text and social media. A more effective onboarding experience sets you up for a flourishing customer relationship.

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Customer Journey Solution Stage: Activation

Maximize customer activation by ensuring they get the most out of your product portfolio from the beginning. Track and anticipate opportunities to promote solutions you offer when their behavior changes and additional needs emerge. Continuously identify additional relevant products and services based on previously deepened relationships with similar customers.

Set your customers on a path to a profitable relationship. Making a great first impression enables you to maximize customer lifetime value (CLTV) with higher revenue per customer lifecycle.

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Customer Journey Solutions Stage: Retention

Retaining good customers is more cost-effective and lucrative than acquiring new ones. Maximize customer lifetime value (CLTV) with higher revenue per customer by keeping them engaged throughout the journey. Spot, anticipate, or respond to customers becoming less active or showing risk behavior. Tie customers to your brand with relevant and helpful communications in their preferred channels, and reward loyalty with personalized offers and discounts on products and services.

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Customer Journey Solution Stage: Advocacy

Make your delighted customers advocates of your brand as they will recommend your business to new customers more often. Improve customer satisfaction levels across all stages of the customer journey with relevant and considerate communications on every touchpoint based on Customer DNA. This will in turn grow customer advocacy with improved CSAT scores, that likely lead to a higher net promoter score (NPS) from positive word-of-mouth and positive sentiment.

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Customer Data Platform Software with Customer Journey Solutions

Customer Data Platform software with customer journey stage solutions is essential to continuously build out the sophisticated view of your customer and capture all interactions. It understands the needs of the customer at every stage of their customer journey and subsequently drives relevant and timely engagements. Personalized experiences at every journey stage customers are in, will ensure maximum conversion rates leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and engagement.

That’s why our Intelligent Engagement Platform has pre-defined customer journey stages to help businesses acquire and retain more customers and therefore increasing the customer lifetime value (CLTV) per customer.

We developed solutions for the following sectors:
Retail bankingInsurancesTelecommunicationsUtilitiesHospitalityAirlines

Mapping the customer journey and experience is crucial to understanding how customers interact with your brand throughout the buying journey. 

CDP software can help you determine the needs of your customers at each stage of this journey and, in turn, deliver personalized experiences which streamline and improve your customer experience strategy. 

Download our short guide to how customer journey mapping can improve customer experience.