Why Your Organization Needs
a Customer Data Platform

Our Customer Data Platform in Action

Our advanced customer data platform offers a lot more than a standard CDP. We’ve got data science and customer analytics built in to ensure customer intelligence is at the forefront of more considered communications that drive positive customer engagements.

There’s a lot more under the hood, so to speak, with the Intelligent Engagement Platform – our customer data platform offering smart audience creation so that organizations can increase higher quality customer acquisition.

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Real-time customer data platform

Drive Personalization with a Customer Data Platform

Customer data is behind the most relevant and personalized communications, regardless of the platform they occur in. Customers expect organizations to acknowledge and understand them on a personal level, using their data to recognize their needs and tailor experiences, offers, and communications accordingly. A personalized experience gets brands closer to their customers, and an advanced customer data platform can enable personalization at scale, moving the communications model from one-to-many to 1-to-1.

Personalization isn’t just about creating a better customer experience – the commercial gains for businesses can be extremely profitable.

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See How a Customer Data Platform Will Enhance your Data Maturity

Mature data leads to rich customer relationships full of meaningful interactions, and a customer data platform makes it possible to increase the sophistication of data-driven marketing. Our customer data assessment is a short survey with five sections that, once completed, provides a personalized report that advises and guides organizations on their data maturity levels.

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Gaining Value from a CDP

Get an Overview of Customer Data Platforms

There are plenty of customer data platforms available in the market offering different solutions to unify customer data and enable organizations to build single customer views or golden records. That’s great news but choosing a customer data platform can be daunting for many businesses. That’s why we partnered with the Customer Data Platform Institute to create a white paper that helps organizations better understand their needs and what a customer data platform can do for them.

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What is a Customer Data Platform?

The Customer Data Platform Institute and Gartner are fairly aligned in terms of the broad definition of a customer data platform. Simply put, they both agree that customer data platforms not only aggregate customer data, but build comprehensive historical data to create insights that allow organizations to engage customers in a more impactful and relevant way.

The levels of intelligence vary across customer data platforms, but they are differentiated from other martech and data solutions, such as data management platforms, data lakes or warehouses, CRM systems, and marketing automation platforms.

An advanced customer data platform like NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform is rich with metrics based on analytics that create insights to enable a more personal experience. With in-built scoring and AI that consistently learns the right time, place, and message, campaigns can be created to maximize customer experiences and commercial gains for organizations.

For a deep dive into what customer data platforms are and to demystify industry acronyms, read more here.