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Business Intelligence for Customer-Centric Enterprises

Business intelligence (BI) analytics is more accessible to corporations than ever before. As major channels, like Amazon and Google, are offering highly customized, individual customer and user experiences, consumers are beginning to expect the same level of personalization and relevancy from the other brands and channels they engage with on a regular basis. Customer-centric enterprises must adapt to increased consumer demands for personalization, delivering key marketing messages at the right moment to influence purchasing decisions. Modern consumers are savvy, and they’re overwhelmed with brand messaging. Messages that are off-target or untimely are simply ignored.

Enterprises optimizing their customer interactions through more advanced business intelligence systems have a critical advantage over competitors not yet taking full advantage of this technology. Eighty percent of the data created today is unstructured or semi-structured. Highly valuable data is being underutilized because it remains hidden within log files, stored on file servers, in data warehouses or even within social networking platforms. Data mining for business intelligence is a monumental task that’s out of reach, even for some of the most sophisticated and advanced enterprises without the aid of more advanced business intelligence technology.

Why waste your marketing dollars when you can deliver precisely targeted messages to the right customers, at the precise moment in time? Next generation business intelligence solutions aid today’s companies in exceeding customer expectations and producing unprecedented results – without a substantial hit to marketing budgets. When your company serves a highly competitive industry, every customer counts, and those customers are demanding an increasingly personalized and relevant experience.

Does your company have the right BI solutions in place?

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