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Company News June 21, 2018

GDPR And The Trusted Framework For Data Privacy

NGDATA’s CEO, Luc Burgelman, talks about “GDPR And The Trusted Framework For Data Privacy” in Forbes.  Designed to bolster and bring together regulations involving data...

Thought Leadership June 19, 2018

Data-Driven Marketing: It’s All About the Individual

Traditional marketing endeavors involve segmentation – you create marketing programs by segmenting customers collectively, mainly through static information, such as age range, zip code, etc....

Thought Leadership June 13, 2018

Financial Institutions: Putting the Customer at the Heart of Your Business

Traditional financial institutions have typically operated in a product-centric way, presenting new products that are created by a product committee, with the company’s bottom line...

Thought Leadership June 11, 2018

Credit Unions and Digital Transformation

Credit unions run their business as “not-for-profit” – by the people, for the people –  with serving their members as their core value. To accomplish...

Thought Leadership June 6, 2018

How to Create a Customer Journey Map

Most companies understand the products they offer as well as a general idea of their customers needs. However, many customers are unhappy with the interactions...

Company News June 5, 2018

Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience

Today’s consumers demand a unified, omni-channel experience with the brands they trust, but it’s impossible for companies to create a truly omni-channel experience when their...

Tips & Tricks June 4, 2018

Building the Ultimate MarTech Stack: 100 Tips

MarTech stacks. You’ve heard about them, and you likely use components of them, but you still may not be able to nail down a succinct definition...

Company News June 1, 2018

Informatica World 2018 Recap

Hopefully, everyone in the US was able to take some time to enjoy Memorial Day as we remembered the men and women serving or served...

Thought Leadership May 30, 2018

For Hospitality Brands, Becoming Customer-Centric is Becoming Guest-Centric

Hospitality marketing departments face many challenges: a lot of processes are still following a slow batch rhythm, there is a lot of data fragmentation (data...

Thought Leadership May 29, 2018

Real-Time Personalization Throughout the Customer Experience

As customers consume content on the go via various channels, something critical is happening — that customer is becoming a significant factor in your company’s...

Company News May 24, 2018

NGDATA at Informatica World 2018

NGDATA attended Informatica World 2018 this week in Las Vegas. Our co-founder and CTO, Steven Noels, presented “Transforming to the Customer Engagement Model of the Future,”...

Company News May 23, 2018

Information Builders Announces Partner Awards of Distinction at Summit 2018

NGDATA is honored to be recognized by Information Builders for excellence in helping customers maximize the business value of BI, analytics and data management. Information...

Thought Leadership May 22, 2018

CDP vs. CRM: What’s the Difference?

Customer data platform (CDP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software share some similarities. However, their primary purpose and function have many differences. Let’s start by...

Company News May 21, 2018

An NGDATA Infographic: The NGDATA CDP Throughout Customer Journey

Designed with marketers in mind, a CDP is unique in that it focuses on creating a central location for all customer data, including everything from buyer personas...

Company News May 17, 2018

NGDATA’s Informatica Presentation Will Examine the Use of Real-Time Customer Data at Belfius Bank

Today, we announced that co-founder and CTO Steven Noels will present “Transforming to the Customer Engagement Model of the Future” at Informatica World 2018. The session,...

Company News May 15, 2018

An NGDATA Webinar Replay: From Customer Data to Customer Experiences

From Customer Data to Customer Experiences: Build Systems of Insight To Outperform The Competition Consumer-focused brands are presented with a unique opportunity to either build...

Thought Leadership May 14, 2018

CDP vs. DMP: What’s the Difference?

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and Data Management Platforms (DMP) sound similar and do share a few common attributes. However, these platforms actually have a number...

Company News May 11, 2018

Marrying Context and Data for Superior Customer Experiences

NGDATA’s CEO and Co-Founder, Luc Burgelman, talks about marrying context and data for superior customer experiences. When it comes to delivering greater customer experiences in...

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