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Top Customer Analytics Blogs: 50 Awesome Blogs on Gaining Deeper Customer Analysis Insights

Learning about customer behavior though Big Data is at the heart of customer analytics. Customer analytics enables organizations and enterprises to make data-driven business decisions for direct marketing, site selection, and customer relationship management. The result is a 360-degree view of customers – who they are, what they do, what they want, and when and how to best reach them – in order to create personalized customer experiences that drive customer loyalty.

While everyone is diving into Big Data, not everyone is so successful, as determined by a study by McKinsey & Company. In fact, the study found that 50% of companies utilizing customer behavior analytics are likely to have sales significantly above their competitors, and companies that champion the use of customer analytics are 6.5 times more likely to retain customers, are 7.4 times more likely to outperform their competitors on making sales to existing customers, and are nearly 19 times more likely to achieve above-average profitability.

To successfully implement customer analytics, it helps to see what customer analytics thought leaders and experts have to say about the process of using customer data analysis to inform business decisions. That’s why we have rounded up our top 50 customer analytics blogs. These customer analytics blogs cover everything customer analytics, from customer loyalty, to measuring customer lifetime value, to personalization, to customer intelligence, to the power of emotion. Our top 50 customer analytics blogs contain the insights, trends, and latest information for customer insights professionals. Please note, our top customer analytics blogs are listed here, in no particular order.

1. Avinash Kaushik’s Occam’s Razor Blog

Avinash Kaushiks Occams Razor blog

Avinash Kaushik, the man behind Occam’s Razor, is a digital marketing evangelist and co-founder and chief education officer of Market Motive. Kosher also is a best-selling author of two books, Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. The blog features excellent customer analytics tips, guides for using social media and data for storytelling, and how to use customer segmentation and multi-channel attribution, among other expert guidance from Kaushik.

Three posts we like from Avinash Kaushik’s Occam’s Razor Blog:

2. Jeffalytics


Jeff Sauers is a digital marketer known for teaching, speaking, and consulting about marketing. He seeks to empower companies to use data for making better decisions and adding value to their organizations. His customer analytics blog, Jeffalytics, showcases his passion for emerging technology and telling stories. Specifically, Jeffalytics offers the best information and resources from customer experience analytics thought leaders and serves as a comprehensive resource for online marketers, no matter their skill level.

Three posts we like from Jeffalytics:

3. Analytics Talk

Analytics Talk

Customer analytics blogger Justin Cutroni is an analytics advocate at Google who has written three books: Google Analytics, Performance Marketing with Google Analytics, and Google Analytics Short Cut. His blog, Analytics Talk, offers digital analytics for business and covers a number of categories relating to customer analytics including analysis, tracking, web analytics, and more.

Three posts we like from Analytics Talk:

4. Online Behavior

Online Behavior

Online Behavior, a website about marketing techniques and strategies, helps managers and analysts successfully utilize customer analytics. A resource for analysts and website owners looking to gain a better understanding of how their online customers behave, Online Behavior focuses on targeting and segmentation, website testing and usability, and web analytics an optimizations. This customer analytics blog is unique in that it features gives and cartoons as well as articles on the subject.

Three posts we like from Online Behavior:

5. Forrester Customer Insights



Forrester Customer Insights

Forrester partners with businesses and technology leaders to develop customer-centered strategies that drive growth. Their Customer Insights blog highlights the knowledge of customer insights professionals who capture, manage, analyze, and apply customer knowledge to help organizations win, serve, and retain customers.

Three posts we like from Forrester Customer Insights:

6. Web Analytics World

Web Analytics World

Web Analytics World shares news, reviews, and insights in analytics and digital marketing. This customer analytics blog includes regular contributions from featured bloggers who pen web analytics and digital marketing that keep marketers and businesses at the forefront of industry knowledge.

Three posts we like from Web Analytics World:

7. General Assembly – Data Analysis

General Assembly Data Analysis

General Assembly is an educational institution that “transforms thinkers into creators through education in technology, business and design.” General Assembly offers programs, courses, classes, and workshops on key 21st century skills, including web development and user experience design, business fundamentals, data science, product management, and digital marketing. Their blog covers all of these topics, but the Data Analysis category is their best source for customer analytics insights and information.

Three posts we like from General Assembly – Data Analysis:

8. Moz Blog – Analytics

Moz Blog Analytics

Most marketers know that Moz is marketing analytics software for search, links, social, and brand. But, Moz also has created a thriving online marketing community with resources for learning inbound marketing. They also share their Moz Blog, which is a hub of marketing analytics information. Their Analytics category of blog posts contains posts about audience analysis, conversions, adjusted bounce rate, and more for customer analytics professionals.

Three posts we like from Moz Blog – Analytics:

9. Big Data to Big Profits

Big Data to Big Profits

Russell Walker is an author, professor, and keynote speaker on Big Data, analytics, risk, and international business. His data analytics blog, Big Data to Big Profits, focuses on how firms that create data are creating economic value from Big Data. Dr. Walker’s posts are thorough and insightful and cover all aspects of Big Data, data analytics, and customer analytics.

Three posts we like from Big Data to Big Profits:

10. Juicebox Blog

Juicebox Blog

Juidebox, a tool for visualizing data, helps users gather more insight from their data. Their Juicebox Blog also delivers more insights to readers, by providing posts about using data, visualizing data, and gaining a better understanding of customers through data analysis.

Three posts we like from Juicebox Blog:

11. Kaiser Fung: Big Data, Plainly Spoken

Kaiser Fung Big Data Plainly Spoken

Director of the Applied Analytics program at Columbia University, Kaiser Fung provides training and advisory services in business analytics and data visualization, is the author of two books – Numbers Rule Your World: The Hidden Influence of Probability and Statistics on Everyhting You Do and Numbersense: How to Use Big Data to Your Advantage – and writes two popular blogs, Junk Charts and Big Data, Plainly Spoken. Fung focuses on topics related to Big Data, building data teams, statistical thinking in daily life, communicating data analyses, and numbersense.

Three posts we like from Kaiser Fung: Big Data, Plainly Spoken:

12. Kevin Hillstrom: MineThatData

Kevin Hillstrom MineThatData

Kevin Hillstrom, president of MineThatData, explains how customers behave and helps CEOs understand the complex relationship between customers, advertising, products, brands, and channels. Hillstrom’s MineThatData blog addresses the same customer analytics topics and shares his insights and experience with readers.

Three posts we like from Kevin Hillstrom: MineThatData:

13. The Net-Savvy Executive

The NetSavvy Executive

The Net-Savvy Executive, Nathan Gilliatt is an analyst who tracks technologies and markets in intelligence, analytics, and social media. He blogs about measurement, social media analysis, the importance of reputation, and more on his customer analytics blog.

Three posts we like from The Net-Savvy Executive:

14. Harvard Business Review – Analytics

Harvard Business Review Analytics

The Harvard Business Review provides insights and best practices to help professionals lead more effectively to positively impact their organizations. Their analytics posts include research, strategy, and information for marketers and executives who want to get a better handle on customer analytics.

Three posts we like from Harvard Business Review – Analytics:

15. MeasuringU


A quantitative research firm, MeasuringU focuses on “the statistical analysis of human behavior and quantifying the user experience.” The MeasuringU blog specifically centers on usability, customer experience, and statistics, making it a valuable customer analytics blog.

Three posts we like from MeasuringU:

16. Optimove Blog

Optimove Blog

Optimove helps companies to grow their business through their existing customers. With a focus on data and marketing, the Optimove Blog is a customer analytics blog that offers insights into customer value maximization.

Three posts we like from Optimove Blog:

17. Deloitte


A leading professional services firm, Deloitte provides auditing, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and related services. Their blog is just as comprehensive as their service, but we especially like their analytics and customer analytics resources.

Three posts we like from Deloitte:

18. CMSWire – Analytics

CMSWire Analytics

CMSWire is a leading B2B publication that covers digital customer experience, collaboration, and information management. Their analytics posts include information about predictions, customer experience, strategy, and insights that are helpful to customer analytics professionals.

Three posts we like from CMSWire – Analytics:

19. Data Informed – Customer Analytics

DataInformed Customer Analytics

Data Informed provides information and news on Big Data and analytics for the enterprise. Data Informed also has a category of posts dedicated exclusively to customer analytics, featuring insights and information that are specific to this type of data analytics.

Three posts we like from Data Informed – Customer Analytics:

20. Direct Marketing – Data & Analytics

Direct Marketing Data and Analytics

Direct Marketing offers insight on profitable, data-driven marketing strategies and trends. Their data and analytics posts are informative pieces that detail how Big Data, customer data, marketing, data security, and more figure into customer analytics.

Three posts we like from Direct Marketing – Data & Analytics:

21. VentureBeat


VentureBeat delivers the tech news that matters, and that’s absolutely true for its Big Data and marketing posts. From converting customers, to emotional analytics, to research and data-driven marketing decisions, VentureBeat is a robust source for customer analytics insights and information.

Three posts we like from VentureBeat:

22. KPMG – Customer Analytics

KPMG Customer Analytics

KPMG offers audit, tax, and advisory services, starts conversations about emerging business issues and opportunities, and helps clients mitigate risks while taking advantage of those opportunities. Their blog contains nearly 200 customer analytics posts, which cover technology tools for customer analytics, data-driven marketing, customer insights, and much more.

Three posts we like from KPMG – Customer Analytics:

23. Forbes – Customer Analytics

Forbes Customer Analytics always has been a destination for the world’s business leaders, so it’s no surprise that their Customer Analytics posts provide top-shelf analytics and insights. From data analytics to customer loyalty, Forbes – Customer Analytics is a top customer analytics blog that is definitely worth a read.

Three posts we like from Forbes – Customer Analytics:

24. Blake Morgan’s Blog at Forbes

Blake Morgans Blog at Forbes

Blake Morgan is a customer experience advisor and Forbes contributor. Morgan’s customer analytics blog focuses on customer experience and social content. Morgan’s posts are extremely popular, due in large part to the insights and expertise she shares with readers.

Three posts we like from Blake Morgan’s Blog at Forbes:

25. Louis Columbus’ Blog at Forbes

Louis Columbus Blog at Forbes

Louis Columbus, Forbes contributor and member of the Apttus marketing team, covers CRM, cloud computing, ERP, and enterprise software in his analytics blog for Forbes. His customer analytics posts cover the latest trends and news in customer analytics.

Three posts we like from Louis Columbus’ Blog at Forbes:

26. TechTarget SearchBusinessAnalytics – Customer Analytics

TechTarget SearchBusinessAnalytics Customer Analytics

SearchBusinessAnalytics is TechTarget’s resource for business intelligence and analytics professionals and business leaders. Data analysis and analytics trends and news are at the heart of their customer analytics posts. For customer analytics beginners, SearchBusinessAnalytics also offers introductory content on customer analytics.

Three posts we like from TechTarget SearchBusiness Analytics – Customer Analytics:

27. Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Blog

Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Blog

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI) is a top academic research center focusing on the development and application of customer analytic methods. The WCAI blog shares the latest news and information in customer analytics and features news from in and around the WCAI itself.

Three posts we like from Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Blog:

28. Forrester Blog for Customer Insights Professionals

Forrester Blog for Customer Insights Professionals

The Forrester Blog for Customer Insights Professionals offers actionable guidance aligned to customer analytics professionals. Forrester’s customer analytics blog posts feature research, consumer and business data, and the expertise and insights readers and customer insights professionals expect from Forrester.

Three posts we like from Forrester Blog for Customer Insights Professionals:

29. Customer Insight Leader

Customer Insight Leader

Paul Laughlin, MD of Laughlin Consultancy, is a customer insight enthusiast and chief blogger at Customer Insight Leader. Customer Insight Leader informs and supports customer insight leaders through regular updates, opinion pieces, event news, book reviews, and interactive polls on customer analytics. Customer analytics blog posts from Customer Insight Leader focus on helping organizations maximize value from customer insight.

Three posts we like from Customer Insight Leader:

30. Yale School of Management Center for Customer Insights

Yale School of Management Center for Customer Insights

Yale School of Management Center for Customer Insights (CCI) focuses on behavioral economics and Big Data for marketing, innovation, and insights leaders. YCCI helps innovative companies understand consumer behavior and offers the latest theories and research through their customer analytics blog posts.

Three posts we like from Yale School of Management Center for Customer Insights:

31. MarketingSherpa Blog – Consumer Marketing

MarketingSherpa Blog Consumer Marketing

MarketingSherpa delivers practical research and case studies about what is working today in marketing to B2B and consumer marketing professionals. Their goal is “to give marketers of the world the stats, inspiration, and instructions to improve their results.” MarketingSherpa consumer marketing blog posts cover such topics as email marketing, social media marketing, B2c marketing, conversion optimization, and much more.

Three posts we like from MarketingSherpa Blog – Consumer Marketing:

32. RDGInsights: Brainwaves Blog

RDGInsights Brainwaves Blog

Retail Doctor Group, Australia’s leading retail advisors specializing in the transformation of insights into action, presents the RDGInsights: Brainwaves Blog. The RDG Insights Team is comprised of consumer behavior experts, including neuromarketing strategists, retail experts, and data experts, who use the latest insights on human decision making to create actionable competitive advantage for retailers and brands. That’s why the RDGInsights: Brainwaves Blog posts are unique: they combine “classic market research approaches with consumer neurosciences to tell you what customers can’t.”

Three posts we like from RDGInsights: Brainwaves Blog:

33. Datamine Customer Insights Blog

Datamine Customer Insight Blog

Datamine helps large organizations implement smart, data-driven business strategies. They handle data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, predictive modeling, explanatory modeling, optimization, Big Data, and more, in order to provide proven customer insight solutions. Their customer analytics blog, Datamine Customer Insights Blog, shares knowledge on marketing planning, data mining, and customer churn, segmentation, and profiling, plus features analysts’ expertise on useful information and trends in customer analytics.

Three posts we like from Datamine Customer Insights Blog:

34. MarketCulture Blog – Using a Customer Culture for Competitive Advantage

MarketCulture Blog Using a Customer Culture for Competitive Advantage

Chris Brown, CEO of MarketCulture Strategies (MCS), is the editor of the MarketCulture Blog. MCS works to help organizations “focus and adjust corporate vision and values around the right set of beliefs, behaviors and processes to engender more dynamic organizations, predictable growth, and customer lifetime value.” Their blog posts offer strategies for creating a market-driven culture and focusing on customers.

Three posts we like from MarketCulture Blog – Using a Customer Culture for Competitive Advantage:

35. InformationWeek – Big Data Analytics

InformationWeek Big Data Analytics

InformationWeek covers IT news and information for organizations that use technology to power their businesses and make a difference. Their Big Data Analytics news and commentary is perfect for anyone wishing to learn more about Big Data, data analytics, and customer analytics.

Three posts we like from InformationWeek – Big Data Analytics:

36. ComputerWeekly – Customer Analytics

ComputerWeekly Customer Analytics

The UK’s leading IT publication, ComputerWeekly offers more than 8,030 customer analytics articles. With an archive of that size, ComputerWeekly quickly becomes a top resource for customer analytics. A bonafide customer analytics blog, ComputerWeekly’s posts cover topics such as analytics-driven customer service, personalized customer service, customer data protection, and much more.

Three posts we like from ComputerWeekly – Customer Analytics:

37. Absolutely


Absolutdata focuses on decisions and the decision-making process to help organizations benefit from the full impact of analytics, Big Data, and social media. Their customer analytics blog, Absolutely, shares thoughts from the Absolutdata teams and includes posts on Big Data, marketing analytics, and more.

Three posts we like from Absolutely:

38. Sopra Steria – Analytics

Sopra Steria Analytics

A European leader in digital transformation, Sopra Steria delivers IT-enabled business services. The Sopra Steria blog centers on analytics and IT innovations, but we especially like their analytics posts because they offer insight and expertise in customer analytics. While the blog is only a few months old, it already includes great deal of insightful posts, and we can’t wait to see what else Sopra Steria adds in the near future.

Three posts we like from Sopra Steria – Analytics:

39. Mattersight


Mattersight focuses on “the chemistry of conversation” to help organizations analyze customer and employee interactions and customer behaviors to improve customer experience and predict future outcomes. Mattersight analyzes and predicts customer behavior based on the language exchanged during service and sales interactions, in order to facilitate real-time connections between customers and the agents who are most able to handle their needs. The Mattersight blog is a customer analytics blog that covers categories such as advertising and marketing, behavioral economics, Big Data, customer experience, and personalized customer care.

Three posts we like from Mattersight:

40. SandSIV – Customer Intelligence

SandSIV Customer Intelligence

SandSIV works to help leading companies leverage Big Data with superior customer intelligence. SandSIV strives to help these companies better understand their customers more quickly and intimately than their competitors and then utilize customer intelligence to drive the decision-making process. The SandSIV blog contains a wealth of information about Big Data and analytics, but their customer intelligence category is perfect for customer analytics professionals.

Three posts we like from SandSIV – Customer Intelligence:

41. Customer Experience IQ Blog – Big Data

Customer Experience IQ Blog Big Data

The Customer Experience IQ Blog is the work of Gregory Yankelovich, who believes that “customer experience is the primary key to growth of market share.” With training in economics and operations research, Yankelovich uses technology to put customer experience and business results first. He also offers his customer analytics strategies and tips in his Customer Experience IQ Blog – Big Data posts.

Three posts we like from Customer Experience IQ Blog – Big Data:

42. Blog @Beyond the Arc

Blog Beyond the Arc

Beyond the Arc is an integrated agency that helps companies change culture and deliver better customer experiences and take action with data science. The Beyond the Arc blog focuses on data-driven decisions, engaging with influencers in social media and the press, building and strengthening brands, and transforming organizations’ cultures. Customer-centric culture and customer communications are highlighted in their customer analytics posts.

Three posts we like from Blog @Beyond the Arc:

43. Heart of the Customer CX Blog

Heart of the Customer CX Blog

Chief journey mapper and lead consultant at Heart of the Customer, Jim Tincher lives and breathes customer experience. An active member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and a Certified Customer Experience Professional, Tincher is a customer experience expert. Heart of the Customer helps companies increase customer engagement via voice of the customer research and identifying unmet needs and improving customer service. That’s why the CX Blog is chock-full of customer analytics insights and expertise, and why it made our list of top customer analytics blogs.

Three posts we like from Heart of the Customer CX Blog:

44. WIRED Innovation Insights – Analytics

WIRED Innovation Insights Analytics

Innovation Insights is a Wired blog and community site that brings together ideas and creates conversations on the next generation of business tech. The analytics posts are insightful pieces that highlight data-driven business practices and trends in data analysis and customer analytics.

Three posts we like from WIRED Innovation Insights – Analytics:

45. Customer Intelligence 360

Customer Intelligence 360

Founder and CEO of Mintigo, Jacob Shama believes in data-driven marketing and helps B2B marketers eliminate campaign failure. Shama also pens customer analytics posts on his blog, Customer Intelligence 360, which highlight predictive marketing, lead scoring, and predictive analytics while focusing on data-driven marketing and customer intelligence.

Three posts we like from Customer Intelligence 360:

46. VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Blog

VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Blog

VOZIQ seeks to enhance customer experience via cloud-based, text analytics solutions that leverage contact centers as a strategic source for customer intelligence. Their customer analytics blog, VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Blog, covers Big Data, customer experience, customer intelligence, predictive analytics, social media analytics, and more.

Three posts we like from VOZIQ Customer Intelligence Blog:

47. SIGMA Insights in Bytes – Customer Intelligence

SIGMA Insights in Bytes Customer Intelligence

SIGMA Marketing delivers the insights organizations need to power customer acquisition, retention, and growth through analytics, strategy and marketing technology solutions. Their marketing insights blog, SIGMA Insights in Bytes, offers posts on customer analytics and customer intelligence.

Three posts we like from SIGMA Insights in Bytes – Customer Intelligence:

48. Data Science Central – Analytics

Data Science Central Analytics

Data Science Central, the industry’s resource for Big Data practitioners, showcases analytics, data integration, virtualization, and more to help data analytics professionals make the best use of their data. Their analytics posts get at the heart of Big Data and analytics, so that customer insights professionals can better utilize customer analytics for their organizations.

Three posts we like from Data Science Central – Analytics:

49. Retention Science – Customer Data Analytics

Retention Science Customer Data Analytics

Retention Science enables organizations to predict customer behavior in order to deliver targeted communications. With a focus on intelligent technology for marketing, Retention Science offers its Customer Data Analytics Blog posts and covers customer lifetime value, segmentation, and more.

Three posts we like from Retention Science – Customer Data Analytics:

50. CustomerThink – Customer Analytics

CustomerThink Customer Analytics

CustomerThink is a global thought leader in customer-centric business management, and their customer analytics blog posts contain some of the most practical advice for utilizing customer analytics to create a customer-centric organization. In fact, CustomerThink customer analytics blog posts cover data mining and visualization, customer data mapping, customer feedback, and much more.

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Three posts we like from CustomerThink – Customer Analytics:

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