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Becoming Humanized

Companies have long looked for customer relationships where every interaction resulted in an immediate sale. That was their ideal – to get to the next sale as soon as possible. But, these relationships are only as strong as the customer’s need for products and services.

Humanized companies, on the other hand, focus on creating partnerships with their customers, which only become more powerful and enduring over time. To become a true partner, companies need to reimagine their immediate sales goals and shift to the goals that customers have for themselves. A humanized company is one that can capture people at the core of who they are, and help them carry out a more authentic and successful way of living.

Humanized companies will take a servicing perspective – servicing will precede selling, and making an offer will move the prospect closer to their goal (their desired outcome), whether they buy during that interaction or not. This is a game-changing paradigm, as the more goals a company can help their customers achieve, the stronger their partnerships will be.

When customers want to attain a new goal, and seek the assistance of a company to help them achieve that goal, both parties succeed. That’s what makes authenticity a key component of a humanized company, and why faking customer centricity for the sake of profit will never be enough. Humanizing your customers’ experiences now will set your company up to be successful into the future.

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