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Customer Experience Management For Media Companies

Customer Experience Management For Media Companies

“If your viewers and readers don’t develop a profound personal preference for your company and its content, you’ll always struggle to grow the business or even survive at all.” Frank Hamerlinck

For the past decade, publishers and media companies believed that content was king, and that by producing great content – the growth of the business would follow. Companies invested heavily in the transition from analog and print to deliver that same content in a digital form. Many new technologies were defined during this adjustment, including content management systems, publishing systems and media asset management systems. But business growth did not follow automatically – something was missing.

If your viewers and readers don’t develop a profound personal preference for your company and its content, you’ll always struggle to grow the business or even survive at all. In order to grow your business, producing great content is no longer enough; you need to get to the audience as well. And, good content is no longer scarce, so consumers have no need to search for it. In today’s world, the content finds the audience.

So, in today’s environment, you need to stay ahead of all competition by better attracting readers, establishing a relationship with your audience and growing your business. The days of content ruling the world are over – the secret is to focus on the relationship with your community. A good start is by becoming proactive instead of reactive – considering the customer at the center of the equation – and creating and implementing a customer-centric strategy. It’s about making the customer central and asking yourself how you can serve him best, using the right channel.


A customer-centric marketing approach allows you to:

  • Anticipate your customer’s future needs. By looking at behavioral patterns, market trends and user experiences you can become a proactive marketer. Using these insights to provide a personalized, unique and memorable experience across multiple channels.
  • Build customer loyalty and trust. By recognizing that your customers are individuals, not demographic categories, you can provide relevant, targeted content that customers will return for again and again.

The concept seems simple, but how do you get there? You can begin by:

  • Listening Bigger Bigger data and listening bigger – right down to the individual level. As a media or publishing company, you can now listen to all of the data available about your customers and prospects – better understanding their socio-demographic, transactional, environmental and behavioral interactions. In one platform you can have a complete view of your customers in order to better understand them and anticipate their future needs.
  • Learning Faster You can learn from individual customer behaviors, including offer responses. With an adaptive learning engine, you can create and constantly update Customer DNA profiles to generate real-time individual customer preferences.
  • Executing Smarter Create tailored content, based on real-time insights on how to find, optimize and engage targets. Execute on these actionable insights, continually engaging with customers to provide a highly relevant customer experience. image003

Learn more about Lily Enterprise, the customer experience management solution from NGDATA. Or, to speak with a representative of NGDATA for more information, contact us via email or phone.

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