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Lily, the Big Data Customer Intelligence Solution

Lily, the Big Data Customer Intelligence Solution

Lily™: Big Data, Big Insights and Big Opportunities

Gain competitive agility with actionable consumer intelligence

What is Lily?

Lily™ is the customer intelligence application that enables enterprises to gain deep insights into their customers, products, markets and operations. These insights help companies in achieving one-on-one targeting and delivering personalized offers to drive sales and increase customer intimacy. Lily is a powerful, unified, integrated solution that uniquely combines an interactive Big Data management platform with a permanently updated customer database and consumer intelligence applications.

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Why Lily?

Lily allows you to gain competitive agility by embracing the power of Big Data and helping you understand your consumer better. Without dramatically changing organizational infrastructure and skill set, Lily allows you to identify trends and changes in consumer behavior faster than your competition.

With Lily, you can:

  • Know your customers better by delivering a 360 degree view of consumers
  • Drive revenues with one-to-one targeting and personalized offers, in real-time.
  • Reduce business risk by leveraging predictive analytics for detecting frauds.
  • Achieve greater customer loyalty with personalized retention offers.
  • Tap the power of Big Data without worrying about technical complexities and steep learning curve.

Lily Solution Architecture

Lily is a powerful, unified, integrated solution that uniquely combines an interactive Big Data management platform and consumer intelligence applications. The Lily solution architecture consists of three key layers that help consumer-centric companies gain deep customer intelligence and make it actionable:

Big Data Repository

The Big Data repository aggregates structured and unstructured data from internal and external data sources such as enterprise applications, credit card payment histories, loyalty programs, web clickstreams, social interactions and locational data. It provides ready-made connectors with market leading data integration and ETL tools to aggregate data from hundreds of data sources and then store that data into a native Big Data platform based on Apache Hadoop and HBase. In addition to consolidating the data into a Big Data platform, Lily structures the wide variety of data inside its unique and flexible database schema. Lily also provides a unique indexing mechanism that allows instant retrieval of actionable data. Lily leverages the power of the Apache Hadoop stack to achieve elastic scalability yet simplifies Big Data management by offering flexible schema management, installation and deployment tools and API’s that accelerate the time to market significantly.

Lily Diagram 2013

The Lily Data Repository is available in a limited open source version as well as a fully supported enterprise version. To discover more technical details about, or to download, the Open Source version of the Lily Data Repository, please visit

Customer Database

Simply storing the data into a central system (such as Hadoop or HBase) does not connect the dots to provide a single view of the consumer. The data from hundreds of internal and external sources is still in silos – even though it is residing in one unified platform. Lily solves this issue with its unique matching algorithms that identify a consumer and correlate and match all data related to each consumer to provide a 360 degree view. These consumer profiles are continuously updated based on user’s new behavior, interactions and data. The consumer profiles within the consumer database contain comprehensive information such as:

  • Information related to the consumer’s shopping behavior such as credit card transactions
  • Activities such as web browsing and clickstreams when users visit certain retail websites
  • Contextual data such as geo-location, time, and mobile device identifiers
  • Social data and sentiment analysis that demonstrates interaction of consumers with a brand.

These comprehensive and continuously updated consumer profiles stored in the consumer database provide a 360 degree view about consumers instead of slices of information from each one of the data silos. It allows consumer-centric companies to gain unprecedented insights and know their consumers better.

Customer Intelligence Applications

Lily™ offers pre-built consumer intelligence applications such as Recommendations and Insights that can be used by banks and retailers to drive one-to-one marketing programs and deliver personalized product offers and coupons. Lily Consumer Intelligence applications use machine learning algorithms that learn from historical data such as purchase history, social media interaction, loyalty program transactions as well as contextual data such as geo-location to identify consumer’s preferences and propensity to buy certain types of products and brands.

In addition to the ready-made applications, Lily offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) which consists of high level programming APIs that can be leveraged by companies in consumer-centric industries to build custom applications for even more diverse business processes such as fraud detection, verification of creditworthiness, sentiment analysis and many others.

Learn more about Lily 2.4

Lily 2.4 has been released. To discover more about the new features of Lily 2.4, click here.

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