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Lily Open Source vs. Lily Enterprise

Lily Open Source vs. Lily Enterprise

NGDATA is an active member of the open source community, providing access to breakthrough Lily technology under a liberal open source license.

The Lily Data Repository has been one of the key elements of the Lily Enterprise solution stack, and provides a Big Data management system capable of storing, indexing and finding extremely large volumes of data. The Lily Data Repository is capable of aggregating structured and unstructured data coming from internal and external data sources; such as enterprise applications, credit card payment histories, loyalty programs, web clickstreams, social interactions and locational data.

Lily Open-Source, an underlying technology of the Lily Enterprise Architecture


The Lily Data Repository for Lily Open Source is made available under the Apache open source license and the source code can be downloaded from It provides installation support for single-node installs.

Beyond Lily Open Source – Capabilities Delivered By Lily Enterprise

For those interested in a more complete Big Data Customer Experience Management Solution, you’ll want to look at Lily Enterprise. Lily Enterprise provides all the capabilities that are offered as part of the Lily Open Source product. However, Lily Enterprise is its own solution and includes the repository and additional capabilities, including the abilities to:

  • Manage Big Data – Break down your data silos to gain insights on all customer interactions in one place.
  • Gain Greater Customer Knowledge – Access thousands of predefined metrics for each customer including interaction history, response behavior, channel preferences, interests, value, loyalty, product usage, risk measurement, and more – combined with industry-specific models to understand your customers’ preferences in real time.
  • See Everything Together – you can compare individuals with Sets of other customers, defined by you, to determine propensities and set Alerts on evolving trend scores for each customer.
  • Get Real-time Preferences – With Lily’s Customer DNA and Machine Learning Engine, individual product Preferences are available and updated at each moment.
  • Quickly See Impact and Results – Create a data-aware organization by bringing analytics to a much larger set of users, making your customer data actionable and more quickly delivering results.
  • Experience Fast Time to Value – Gain and understand a complete picture of your customers in months – that is always up to date – knowing what they are about and how to most effectively engage them.

The Lily Enterprise Architecture


A comparison of capabilities provided by Lily Open Source and Lily Enterprise is outlined below:


Lily Enterprise Offers Enterprise-class Support

Lily Open Source offers limited, community-based email list support. However, customers with mission-critical needs have the option to choose Lily Enterprise, which not only delivers more rich capabilities but also provides enterprise-class support and services essential for making your Big Data initiatives a success. NGDATA provides you with support by means of helpdesk services based on the ITIL v3 framework. The Lily Enterprise solution offers enterprise-class SLA’s that are necessary for meeting your critical business needs by delivering a 24 hour support helpdesk and providing response times within 8 hours for all level one and two support requests.

A comparison of support and services options provided with Lily Open Source vs. Lily Enterprise is outlined below:


For Lily Open Source users, all are available with a paid support contract

Learn more about Lily Enterprise, the customer experience management solution from NGDATA. Or, to speak with a representative of NGDATA for more information, contact us via email or phone.

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