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Lily Open Source vs. Lily Enterprise

Lily Open Source vs. Lily Enterprise

NGDATA is an active member of the open source community, providing access to breakthrough Lily technology under a liberal open source license.

The Lily Data Repository is one of the key elements of the Lily solution stack, and provides a Big Data management system capable of storing, indexing and finding extremely large volumes of data. The Lily Data Repository is capable of aggregating structured and unstructured data coming from internal and external data sources; such as enterprise applications, credit card payment histories, loyalty programs, web clickstreams, social interactions and locational data.

The Lily Open-source Architecture

Lily Diagram 2013

The Lily Data Repository is made available under the Apache open source license and the source code can be downloaded from It provides installation support for single-node installs.

Beyond Lily Open Source – Additional Capabilities Delivered By Lily Enterprise

For those interested in a more complete Big Data Customer Intelligence Solution, you’ll want to look at Lily Enterprise. Lily Enterprise provides all the capabilities that are offered as part of the Lily Open Source product. In addition to those capabilities, Lily Enterprise delivers:

  • Ready-made connectors with market leading data integration and ETL tools such as Pentaho and Informatica to aggregate data from hundreds of structured and unstructured data sources;
  • Enterprise connectors to connect to existing enterprise applications, reporting and analytics tools;
  • The Lily Customer Database which is the heart of the Lily Customer Intelligence solution and correlates all the customer information coming from various sources and channels into a unique real-time 360 degree customer view;
  • User friendly visual tools to explore and segment customer data;
  • Real-time dashboards and analytics that offer business users both a detailed and consolidated view on customers;
  • Rules engine to implement company and industry specific business logic and scoring rules;
  • Lily Recommendations that make the customer intelligence actionable with accurate, real-time recommendations around product offers, retention offers, location-based content and advertisements;
  • Access to social data sources to include external social data (coming from e.g. Twitter or YouTube) into the 360 degree Lily Customer Database.

The Lily Enterprise Architecture

Services Comparison

A comparison of capabilities provided by Lily Open Source and Lily Enterprise is outlined below:

Lily Support and Services

Lily Enterprise offers Enterprise-class Support

Lily Open Source offers limited, community-based email list support. However, customers with mission-critical needs have the option to choose Lily Enterprise, which not only delivers more rich capabilities but also provides enterprise-class support and services essential for making your Big Data initiatives a success. NGDATA provides you with support by means of helpdesk services based on the ITIL v3 framework. The Lily Enterprise solution offers enterprise-class SLA’s that are necessary for meeting your critical business needs by delivering a 24 hour support helpdesk and providing response times within 8 hours for all level one and two support requests.

A comparison of support and services options provided with Lily Open Source vs. Lily Enterprise is outlined below:

Lily Support and Services

Learn more about Lily 2.4

Lily 2.4 has been released. To discover more about the new features of Lily 2.4, click here.

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