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Lily 3.0 – Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Build Individual Customer DNA Profiles in Real-Time with Lily 3.0 to deliver more personalized customer experiences. Leverage your big data by connecting all your data sources in real time to better engage customers for more effective marketing programs and greater customer lifetime value.

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Key Features

From Data to DNA

From Data to DNA

Lily breaks down data silos to create a single customer view that consists of 1000s of built-in industry specific metrics to build a detailed record of each individual customer’s behavior. With this Customer DNA view, you can generate a complete understanding of your customer for more effective results.

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Get Deep Customer Insights

Get Deep Customer Insights

Get real-time updated scores for each customer and compare these to Sets of customers defined by you. With automatic trend calculation you can track and see evolve metrics over time.

Set up Alerts

Set up Alerts

Use real-time, customer metrics to set up alerts, on scores or trends, to proactively address individual customers before they churn.

Customer Preferences

Customer Preferences

Which customers are likely to buy my new product today? What is the best channel to connect with my customer at this moment? Lily 3.0’s Preference Learning capabilities help you answer the tough questions by really knowing your customers’ preferences – in real time.

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Know each of your customers, at the DNA level, and change your business for the better.

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